1952 Fiat Topolino

C 1952 ex-Mille Miglia & Giro della Sicilia


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Experience the Mille Miglia just the same way most of the Italian enthusiasts did in the 50-ies. You will have the most fun… without braking the bank!
This Fiat Topolino was bought by Carlo Siciliani in December 1951 and was registered in the beginning of 1952 and immediately prepared for and entered at the:
- Giro della Sicilia on 9-th of April 1952 and classified 1-st in 750 cc Turismo class.
- Mille Miglia on the 3-4-th of May 1952 with a very good time of: 18h.03min.25sec. which placed the Siciliani-Netti team 179-th in the General Classification.
This Topolino lived her whole life in the South of Italy, which guaranteed her excellent preservation and made the restoration (inside-out) to the exact appearance and specifications as this Topolino was in 1952 rather straightforward.
After having witnessed several years in a row the Mille Miglia atmospehere as a spectator our young and very enthusiast Belgian customer to whom we sold this charming Topolino 3 years ago, wanted to experience himself "La Corsa la piu Bella nel Mondo" but this time as a participant.
Disposing of a professional MAN truck garage and dealership he undertook, for a change, the full mechanical restoration of this little Topolino in his free time. Determent to make this once in a lifetime adventure a succes nothing escaped his attention.
After several months an immaculate slightly upgraded Topolino was ready in May 2018 for scrutineering in Brescia and made it all the way to Rome and back to Brescia cheared by many enthusiast Italians along the 1.000 Miles.
Comes with a nice historic file about participation at the 1952 Giro della Sicilia and 1952 Mille Miglia, containing archives from the Mille Miglia museum, a fresh Mille Miglia Registro certificate, the Estratto Cronologico provided by the ACI, an ASI certification, a FIVA ID Card, period newspaper articles and black/white photographs, etc… Guaranteed to:
- be accepted at the Mille Miglia,
- have the cheapest entry into Mille Miglia,
- the most fun while driving the Mille Miglia!