1951 Fiat Topolino


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- First registered in 1951, this saloon version of the last series of the “Topolino” with various improvements and modifications adopted to lower its selling price and facilitate its diffusion on the market. Number plates from 1951 and registration renewed in 1962. It has been in the same collection since 2013. The current owner saw it on display for sale at an antique dealer and immediately took it home.
- Distinctive and stylish dark forest green, with black vinyl front seats. Car restored over the years by the owner, completely disassembled, repaired where necessary and repainted. Interior rebuilt, canopy replaced. Undercarriage in perfect condition; always kept in a dry garage.
- Mechanics complete and in working order, overhauled in every part. Undercarriage in excellent condition, the suspension, brakes, fuel system and ignition have all been restored over the years to keep it always ready for use. Documentation and notes of parts purchased and work done over time are provided.
- One of Italy's best-loved classic cars, it’s likeable and easy to handle. The “C” is the most reliable and perfected of the 500s, being the latest evolution of the Topolino, the only series with an aluminium cylinder head, recessed headlights and internal spare wheel. At the time, it was an excellent car to introduce Italians to mass motoring. Today it is a splendid little car to introduce those with a passion, but not yet a vehicle, to the world of vintage cars at a reasonable cost. Always well received at all events and shows, and eligible for the Mille Miglia vintage race. It is in very good condition and ready for use. The 1950s number plates complete its pleasing appearance.