1960 Fiat Multipla

600 Taxi


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Designer: Dante Giacosa

Estimate: $40,000 ­ - $50,000

Chassis Number: 058650
Decoded: 058650=Unit sequence
Engine: 633 cc in­line 4­-cylinder
1­-barrel Weber Carburetor / 22 bhp
4­-Speed Manual Transmission
Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes

● Authentic cosmetic restoration
● Recent Mechanical Attention
● Enduring and Historic Styling

The Model: Fiat’s success in the post­war world was centered on producing small, economical cars that could carry up to four people in reasonable comfort. When the new larger 600 sedans were being developed, Fiat’s Giacosa knew that there would be a need for a station wagon type vehicle. He answered the call with the compact Multipla “All Service” vehicle. First he moved the driver up over the front wheels. With the engine in the back a traditional lift and tailgate arrangement was impossible so he gave the vehicle two front doors for passengers and two large rear doors for more passengers or parcels. So popular was the Multipla that a number were ordered as taxis in Italy and other European countries. They could seat up to six comfortably and with the 633 cc engine, had plenty of power to navigate through the streets and roads of resort and tourist destinations.

The Car: Our consignor tells us this Multipla was a genuine taxi cab from new, and has been restored back its original condition. Finished in the traditional taxicab livery of a black roof over dark olive green body, it even has a period taxicab logo on the front doors. Equipped with seating for a driver and five passengers, it is fitted with a luggage rack for the roof as well as an authentic “Taxi” roof light. While the interior was never planned on being “luxurious” the seats are covered in dark brown vinyl with a vintage Argo taxi meter mounted under the dash next to the spare tire, mounted directly in front of the right front seat passenger. The engine and transmission are reported to be in excellent running order as well as the cooling, brakes and electrical systems. All four doors open and close securely, as well as the engine bay covers.

(Note, the full chassis number of this car should read 100108058650)