1972 Fiat Dino

Spider 2.4l


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    Convertible / Roadster
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Serial number 115378
420 units produced
Enthralling mechanics
Stylish design
European circulation title

The Dino Spider was born of a union as unusual as it was unexpected. Its parents were Fiat and Ferrari. On the one hand, the Turin-based industrial giant, manufacturer of models for the middle classes, which will produce the popular Italian car par excellence, and on the other hand, an artisanal brand which is surely its exact opposite. However, both needed this marriage to restore Fiat's reputation and also to allow Ferrari to homologate its V6 engine so that it could be used in its brand new Formula 2 car. 500 examples of the Fiat Dino were needed to enter this engine in competition.
The story of this engine takes place at the beginning of the 1960s, a decade in which the Maranello firm was in financial difficulty due to overpriced touring cars with unreliable and complicated mechanics. The big boss was forced to widen his range and decided to exploit a brand new engine created by his son Dino in collaboration with Jano, a mechanical engineer at Fiat and Alfa Romeo. Initially designed with a 1.5l displacement, it was quickly upgraded to a 2.0l engine fed by 3 Weber twin carburettors. The "little" V6 was slipped under the body of the Ferrari F1 car in 1958 and ended up being the World Champion in 1961, which crowned its career.
The same year, Lampredi took over the evolution of this engine which went from 2.0l to 2.4l for a maximum power of 195 hp and it was in 1967 that the marriage was officially unveiled to the general public at the Turin Motor Show.
That year, Ferrari exhibited its Dino 206 GT, the first "Ferrari" (even if no badge was affixed) to feature anything other than a V12 engine and which was placed in the rear mid-position for weight balance. The crowd crowds around the Dino to admire this curiosity; however, a few stands away, Fiat unveils two new cars: a coupe and a cabriolet, both powered by exactly the same engine.
A very limited series for the Turin-based manufacturer, the Dino Spider and Coupé will be produced in a run of 420 and 2,398 units respectively with the 2.4L V6.
The aesthetic line of the cabriolet is often preferred to the coupé which remains very marked by the industrial touch of Fiat whereas the Spider has a beautiful Pininfarina bodywork and confers to this version an expressive and plunging face all in elegance and aggressiveness.

The model we are presenting to you dates from 1972: the last year of production of the Fiat Dino. It is equipped with the 2.4L V6 engine and is presented in a beautiful aesthetic state underlined by this new grey paintwork in accordance with the colour range proposed by Fiat at the time.
As we enter the cabin, we are pleasantly surprised by the quality of the assembly, which is superior to what the company was offering at the time; no frills but sporty and elegant. A large openwork wood and aluminium steering wheel stands proudly in front of the 6 counters on the light wood veneered dashboard. The black skai seats in very good condition promise comfort and support, while the gear lever overhung by the black bakelite ball of the 206 and 246 GT is a reminder. Our Spider 2.4l has electric blue carpets that help to raise the intensity of the interior.