1937 Fiat 508



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    Convertible / Roadster
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Fiat 508C one-off 1937 LHD authentic ex-MM

What a pleasure to see this unique Fiat 508C return to our classic car stable!

Through a tip from an excellent Italian classic car friend, I came some years ago (2013) accross this one-off coachbuilt 508C which impressed me immediately by its elegance and extended racing history.

In 1937 Giovanni Guadagnin, a talented mechanic from Treviso, constructed this handsome competition body on a new Fiat 508C chassis for Dr. Mario Braida a rather active gentleman-racer who participated at:

• 1938, 3 April: Mille Miglia, starting number 64, 2nd in class, 20e oa.
• 1938, April: Corsa dei Colli Torinesi, 1st in class
• 1938, 29 May: Parma – Poggio di Berceto, 3rd in class
• 1938, 16 July: Corsa della Stelvio
• 1938, 14 August: Sei Ore di Pescara

On the 26-th of August 1938, new owner Paolo FOSCARI and registers the car: VE 8911

On the 24-th of January 1939, new owner Aldo MONTICELLO and registers the car: VI 9332
• 1939, 2 July: Corsa dei Colli Torinesi, 5th in class
• 1939, July: Trento – Bondone, 2nd in class
• 1939, July: Corsa dello Stelvio – Coppa A. Mercanti, 2nd in class
• 1940, 28 April: Mille Miglia, starting number 47, 31st oa

On the 23-rd of April 1946, new owner Luigi ZANETTI registers the car: VR 17117
• 1946, 9 June: Salite del San Boldo, 5th in class
• 1946, September: Circuito della Superba, 7th in class
• 1946, September: Giro del Savio
• 1947, 22 June: Mille Miglia, starting number 24 (DNF)
• 1948, 2 May: Mille Miglia, starting number 101 (DNF)

On the 8-th of June 1948, new owner Fernando PASCOLINI registers the car: PG 12524:
- 1948, June: Giro dell’ Umbria

Recent racing history:
- Mille Miglia in 2005, 2006, 2007 with previous Italian owner.
- Mille Miglia 2015, 2017, 2018 & 2019 with our Belgian customers.

This, in my opinion, says it all…! Everything confirmed by the accompanying voluminous history file.

Our classic car workshop meticulously prepared and maintained this very special Fiat 508C for our Belgian customers. Apparently we did a good job, because every recent Mille Miglia, this handsome sports-racing Fiat arrived back in Brescia without missing a beat!

Do YOU want to have a go at her steering wheel for the 2020 Mille Miglia? The car is MM-Registro accepted and ready to be enjoyed !

Price : 575.000 euro