1960 Fiat 1800

Coupé Viotti Gran Lusso


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Fiat 1800 Coupé Viotti Gran Lusso 1960 LHD

One can easily imagine that, with the Fiat 1800 being the top-model of the Fiat range, ordering in those days a coachbuilt Viotti Coupé Gran Lusso was certainly a rather extravagant thing to do.
For once allow me to be Professor Bernard and use my magic time capsule to bring back this Fiat 1800 Coupé Viotti Gran Lusso from 1960 to 2015.
The black and white photo was taken near to the Carrozzeria Viotti in Torino in 1960, the color photo just beside my classic car garage in Aalst - Belgium on the 27th of October 2015.
Fifty-five years later, the car is still the same, untouched, totally original, surprisingly sound, just wearing some beautiful patina!

We found this Viotti Gran Lusso Coupé near to Napoli where the car lived all her life, still wearing her original NA registration number.

Thanks to the warm mediteranean climate and a sheltered life, this ultra rare Fiat 1800 Coupé aged remarkably well.
Excited by this marvelous find, we first checked all the mechanical components and gave them a good service, turned the key and... drove the car!

The ideal basis to execute a conservative restoration and preserve the magic of a totally authentic, very rare motorcar.
Do you dare stepping into the time capsule of Professor Bernard?

Price: 97.000 Euro