1939 Fiat 1500


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    Convertible / Roadster
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- Built by the Garavini Coachworks in Turin, known for its tailor-made creations of one-offs made to specific customer requirements, the car was based on a Fiat 1500B 6-cylinder chassis, extremely rare as it was only produced by Fiat for one year. It is said that this unique example was commissioned by the fashion designer Ferragamo.
In the 1960s, it ended up in England where, in two-tone aviation blue livery, it served as a representative car for an airline. Sold at auction, it went to France before returning to Italy in 2004. The then owner carried out a complete restoration, returning it to its original colour and in perfect working order. The car was then presented at events and concours d'elegance, winning no fewer than 16 “Best in Show” in the 19 in which it participated in Italy. Sold in 2012 to the current owner who has jealously guarded it in his garage. English documentation.
- Total restoration of the wooden frame and aluminium bodywork carried out since 2014. The precious original aluminium panels, finely worked by the Garavini Coachbuilder, were preserved to adapt them to the requests of the exclusive client. The original grey colour was found on some interior panels and was therefore reproduced; it is a special metallic silver with shell flakes. It has a new hood, and the leather seats and panels are well preserved so as not to deprive the car of the charm and fragrance of a 1930s interior.
- The robust mechanics of the 6-cylinder 1500 totally overhauled; engine, gearbox, suspension and brakes all restored.Almost 20 years have passed since restoration, but the car is still in excellent shape.
- The Garavini Coachworks, a company where names such as G. Fissore, G.B. Ceirano and G. Diatto participated over the years, specialised in the production of elegant, exclusive and expensive cars. The skilled workers, excellent materials used and numerous patents made Garavini the coachbuilder of choice for those who wanted a custom-built car. The Alfa Romeo, Isotta Fraschini and Bigatti models are famous, and this Fiat retains all of Garavini’s high quality features. As the years went by, the wars, and the evolution of demand, the company adapted to different productions, building war vehicles, couriers, ambulances and reaching a peak of 800 employees. Garavini ceased operations in the 1950s, as products became more standardised and public demand for expensive custom-built cars decreased. This example is still in excellent condition after years of restoration. It has all the typical Garavini stylistic features such as the abundant chrome, bumpers that follow the lines of the front and tail and the noble and finely worked materials.Unique example, which also featured in a 2012 film.