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Fancy to participate in the 2022 Mille Miglia?

Why not drive la corsa più bella del mondo with a popular saloon car, properly prepared for rallying, just as many Italian rally enthusiasts did in the '50s?

This Fiat 1100 Tipo 103 is a genuine ex-Mille Miglia car which participated in 1956 and 1957. It is well documented with charming period photographs and official documents.

To us, this type of car truly represents the spirit of the Mille Miglia as it was back in the days!

This Fiat 1100 has been very well prepared (in period, so no recent modifications!) for the '56-'57 Mille Miglia by the owners/pilots Cazzulani/Moroni/Cammarota. Advanced engine tuning, twin choke Weber carbs from a Fiat Otto Vu with a full-flow inlet manifold, specially prepared cylinder head, pistons with deflectors, modified camshaft, larger alloy sump with cooling fins, gearbox with modified transmission ratio, ventilated brakes from an Alfa Romeo 1900, Abarth wheels with ventilation holes for better cooling, additional dashboard instruments, central headlight, …

All these in-period modifications are very well documented in historic documents. The car comes with an ASI certificate and a FIVA ID Card that both confirm this interesting history.

Since 2011, this car has driven the Mille Miglia Storico not less than seven times! It is in excellent allround condition and behaves impeccably on the road and autostrada (a little "bomb"!). After seven carefree and very amusing Mille Miglia’s, this charming and lively saloon is looking for a new owner, who will have many more happy participations.

Immediately ready for the 2022 edition of the Mille Miglia, she's just waiting for you!