1966 Ferves Ranger


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- Ferrari Veicoli Speciali was founded in 1965, in Turin, by designer Carlo Ferrari, with the aim of producing special cars on a Fiat mechanical basis. At the 1966 Turin Motor Show, the Ranger, a purely working vehicle, was presented on the Fiat 500 mechanical base. High off the ground, with a very simple bodywork and Spartan finish, the Ranger was soon adopted by those who worked in the countryside or woods, especially the 4 wheel-drive version, which was the mother of the Panda 4x4 first series. About 600 units were produced, much less the surviving ones, as the Ranger was usually engaged in heavy work.
- The Ranger is one of the most valid, special and sought-after Fiat 500-based derivatives on the market. Difficult to find, especially in good condition.
- Registered in early 1967, it was then registered in Siena, with number plate SI 205xxx in the second half of 1979, and then re-registered with the current number plate FI F3xxxx, in the Province of Florence, in 1986.
- For years (see certified date of PRA Italian Car Registration Office) in the current collection, it was completely restored and practically never used since.
- An extraordinary and rare vehicle, fun to use with good manoeuvrability, and the centre of attention in any context.