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The Ferrari Testarossa is a 1984 Ferrari sports car. It is one of the best known Ferrari models. The name of the Testarossa refers, just like that of the 288 GTO, also released in 1984, to a prestigious model from the 250 series. The car was designed by Pininfarina and one of the characteristics of the car, which made it an icon of the 80s, are the typical air slots in the doors, which were also used in later models. These are also called 'egg-slicers'. In addition, the Testarossa, along with the Ferrari 348 inspired by it, is one of the few models without the distinctive round rear lights. This model is equipped with a twelve-cylinder engine. A total of 7177 copies of this model were produced. The models from 1984 and 1985 had one rear-view mirror, on the left-hand side, which was halfway the A-pillar. In 1986, after several complaints from Testarossa owners, Ferrari decided to put the mirror in the usual place at the bottom of the A-pillar and to place a rear-view mirror on the right. The Testarossa was the last 180 ° V 12-cylinder (flat-lying) that Ferrari built in the 80s to the present and went through the last-supplied models under the names 512TR and 512M. The Ferrari Testarossa owes its fame to the general public through, among other things, the popular Miami Vice police series from the 80s in which it plays a prominent (main) role. From the Testarossa offered here, an appraisal report from 2017 is added. The car was then valued at € 105,000. The car did not run for a long time, so it is advisable to give it a service. The car was produced in 1991, but only in 1994 did the former dealer sell. It seems that the car is equipped with a revised engine and gearbox and there are also various other parts replaced.

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