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Ferrari FXX Evoluzione Berlinetta 2007

'Ferrari has developed a truly innovative technical collaboration programme around the FXX prototype aimed at its most dedicated and passionate Clients. The FXX is the most advanced GT ever created at Maranello and its mission is to involve Ferrari's most valued Clients as genuine Prancing Horse Test Drivers in their own right. The wealth of data and experience gathered in the course of this very special programme will be exceptionally important. In fact, the feedback from these highly skilled, non-professional Client Test Drivers will be compared and supplemented with suggestions from Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello and Ferrari's professional in-house Test Drivers.' – Ferrari Press Release.

Ferrari's position as a fixture of Formula 1 since its inception, and its occasional successful participation in international sports car racing, means that the Italian manufacturer is uniquely placed to bring advanced technologies, developed initially for competition purposes, to its customers.

In signing up for the FXX project by purchasing one of the estimated 20 or so cars being built, Ferrari's customers, it was stated, would be joining Team Ferrari and would have their driving experiences monitored directly by the Prancing Horse's technicians and specialists. For their €1,600,000, the FXX purchasers also got a racing kit of helmet, suit, gloves and shoes. The racing heritage was emphasised: 'The FXX is the fruit of Ferrari's know-how in building special limited-series sports cars combined with, of course, its racing experience. It will provide the basic framework on which the specifics of future extreme models will be worked out. The exceptionally powerful FXX delivers absolutely blistering performance on all fronts.'

The fact that the FXX had not been homologated for road use meant that it was ineligible to compete in any of the major international racing formulae. Rather, it was intended exclusively for track use as part of a specific ongoing research and development programme in collaboration with Ferrari's first ever group of 'Corse Clienti' - Client Test Drivers. A second seat – available as an option – meant that the drivers were able to share their track experience with a passenger.

Based on the Ferrari Enzo, at least as far as the basic chassis was concerned, the FXX was powered by an extensively up-rated 6,262cc V12 engine producing 789bhp at 8,500rpm. By way of comparison, the standard Enzo could only manage a paltry 650 horsepower from its 6.0-litre unit. The FXX's maximum represented an output of 126bhp/litre, a quite exceptional figure for such a large, normally aspirated engine.

Its gearbox incorporated Formula 1 technology, delivering gear change times of under 100 milliseconds, almost as fast as Maranello's F1 single-seaters, themselves the absolute pinnacle of contemporary technological achievement, while the FXX's aerodynamic design resulted in a body generating 40% higher downforce than ever achieved before. In addition, the moveable rear spoiler was adjustable to suit the specific circuit.

Ferrari's partner Bridgestone developed a bespoke 19" slick tyre for the FXX, while Brembo came up with a special brake cooling and pad system for the FXX's extra large composite ceramic brake discs. But, according to Ferrari, what really set the FXX apart from its few peers was 'the sophisticated telemetry system which will monitor and give feedback on 39 different vehicle dynamics parameters in real time. The system is also able to record other data as demanded by specific circumstances.'

The information gathered would then be analysed by the Ferrari technicians working on the programme and discussed with the individual Corse Clienti participants to ensure that the car was kept constantly updated. Exclusive Corse Clienti events were scheduled for venues including Mugello, Mont Tremblant, Spa Francorchamps, the Nürburgring and Vallelunga.

Surely the ultimate in 'track day' exotica, the Ferrari FXX supercar commenced production in 2005. A mere 29 were scheduled for completion by April 2006, plus one for multiple Formula 1 World Champion Michael Shumacher, and despite a price tag approaching $2 million each, all were pre-sold. At that time the fastest series-production Ferrari ever offered to paying customers, the FXX was, sadly, intended for track use only and cannot legally be used on the road. However, the German tuning firm Edo Competition later modified one for road use, gaining TüV approval in Germany.

Ferrari would go on to extend its FXX programme for another two years with a faster, more developed version announced in October 2007: the Evoluzione. Featuring a new livery and revised aerodynamics, including an active front spoiler, the Evoluzione came with an up-rated version of the 6.3-litre V12 engine producing 848bhp at 9,500rpm (1,000 revs higher than before). The suspension and brakes were modified, the gearbox now shifted gears in just 60 milliseconds, and the traction control now had nine driver-controlled settings, plus 'Off' for the really brave.

Currently forming part of a private collection in Japan, the car we offer represents a possibly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire one of these ultra-rare Corse Clienti Ferraris and thereby join one of the most exclusive drivers' clubs in the world.

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