1994 Ferrari 512


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    38 149 km / 23 705 mi
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*Year of registration: 1994
*Cylinder: 12 V-Shape 180°
*Engine: Posterior Longitudinal
*Power: 428 HP
*Max Speed: 313,8 Kph
*Rear Wheel Drive

Only 38'000 kms
Units made: 2261
Very rare Modena Yellow Painting
Black Leather Interior

The History
In 1984 Ferrari challenged the market with the Testarossa, heir to the 512BB; a bold design (initially judged by some to be impudent and unsuitable for the brand's coat of arms) and a historic name for an undisputed style icon who lived between two decades (until 1996) thanks to important aesthetic and mechanical updates.
It was 1992 (production started in 1991) when the Ferrari 512TR was presented (TR, needless to say, stands for Testarossa). It seemed impossible to perfect a model that had already become a cult car; yet, with this skilful restyling, the Maranello house reached the pinnacle of the beauty of the project, the perfect balance between the design (practically unchanged) of the progenitor and the technical innovation of the subsequent 512M, which however took away much of the of its charm, due to the adoption of faired headlights in place of retractable lights and those horrible (don't want to) rear light clusters with circular elements.
In the Ferrari 512TR the front bumper was revised, more sinuous and modern, with lights more similar to the 348TB, and the rear light clusters, two-tone, more linear and aggressive.
Inside, the saddlery and habitability were improved, with more generous spaces, worthy of a real GT.
The car body also rested on new 18 '' wheels with a star design.
But it is under the skin that the improvement of the "TR" was substantial: the tubular steel frame was stiffened to the advantage of driveability and the engine, positioned lower, for better weight distribution, released 428hp at 6750 rpm for a maximum speed of 314km / h.
The result was that of a new car and not a simple restyling: more comfortable, more reliable, more drivable, more powerful and more elegant than the previous Testarossa.

Our Ferrari 512 TR
Turning on this 512TR (rare in the Modena yellow color) to take it for a ride means capturing the gaze of all passers-by who come across this racing car, so beautiful that even its most modern descendants turn pale.
The voice of its 12-cylinder is baritone and metallic from the low revs; it becomes hoarse and intrusive as the right foot sinks and the 4,943cc pushes decisively, without the slightest uncertainty, along the entire arc of the rev counter.
Despite the width of the rear and the reduced visibility create many problems when maneuvering, the driveability of the TR remains exciting even for the less experienced; easy to drive, even in tight mixed routes or at touristic speeds.
Having the privilege of driving one of the most beautiful Ferraris ever produced is a satisfying feeling to say the least.
The Ferrari 512TR is a star; and just like a real star, the posters that portrayed her fought, for at least a decade, together with her rival Countach, for free space on the walls of teenagers' bedrooms.
Registered in 1994. Interior in black leather and only 38,000 km traveled.

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