1984 Ferrari 512


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1984 Ferrari 512 BBi Coupé Project
Registration no. not registered
Chassis no. ZFFJA09B000049897

The fitting of fuel injection to the revised 512 BBi made it much easier for these cars to meet the United States' emissions requirements than had been the case with the preceding carburettor-fed 512 BB, which had only been sold in the USA as a 'grey import'. In 1983, Ferrari instigated an official programme that enabled its American dealers to sell the 512 BBi to their customers for delivery at the factory in Maranello. The cars would then be converted to United States standards by specialist companies on their arrival in the USA.

Thus it was with the car offered here, which was insured for 24 hours in Italy before being shipped to the USA in April 1984 for its first owner, Ronald Peters of Fullerton, California. South Coast Compliance then converted the Ferrari to meet the EPA/DOT standards and it was certified at the EPA's Import Certification Laboratory in October '84. For the next few years South Coast Ferrari Service maintained and serviced the car, which in June 1987 was registered to Goodman Auto Leasing Inc of Encino, CA. In November 1987, the Ferrari was sold to William R Pauli of Calabasas, CA. A major service was carried out by Southern Cross Motors of Van Nuys, CA in August 1994. The Ferrari was last registered to William Pauli in June 1995.

In April 2002, the car was delivered to Michael Sheehan's European Auto Sales Inc on whose behalf a major engine-out service was undertaken by Rod Drew's Shop in Costa Mesa, CA. At that time Michael Sheehan was advertising the Ferrari as a "Euro model. US EPA and DOT legal. All silver with no black 'Boxer' bottom and black leather. Only 7,028 original miles". A copy the advertisement and the car's ownership history are on file.

In 2005, the Ferrari was caught up in Hurricane Katrina when it struck the South Eastern United States, suffering flood damage, and was partially dismantled. Purchased by the current owner in 2014 and imported into the UK, it came with a new replacement 'crate' engine that had cost $40,000. This engine is complete with the fuel injection system, including brand new metering units, two ignition distributors, and fuel lines, and is fitted with a flywheel. The relevant invoice is on file together with another for a rebuilt transaxle at a cost of $25,000.

After a period of storage, all the components that came with the car were sent to Ferrari specialists QV London, based in Windsor. QV have rebuilt the suspension and steering using new bushes and fitted new brake discs to make it a rolling chassis. They have also fitted the engine, flywheel (minus the clutch assembly), empty bell housing and transaxle. The pedal box and brake servo have been fitted but the car requires new brake callipers and brake lines to complete the braking system overhaul. The car is supplied with front and rear windscreens and both door glasses but is missing the rear quarter-light windows. Also missing are the seats, fuel tanks, and exhaust system, while the electrics will require rewiring. New front and rear bumpers are included in the sale and it is understood that the car also comes with some interior trim.

Finished in its original Argento Silver, this Ferrari 512 BBi is supplied with a NOVA certificate and a Vehicle Production Data sheet from Ferrari Classiche. Sold strictly was viewed, this exciting and potentially most rewarding project represents a relatively affordable opportunity to join the exclusive ranks of Ferrari 512 BBi owners.