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    18 150 km / 11 278 mi
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The Ferrari 365 GTB/4, commonly known simply as the Daytona, a name originating from Ferrari’s 1967 24 Hours of Daytona 1-2-3 finish, an unofficial name given when the car was launched at the Paris Motor Show in 1968. This particular example has undergone a Competizione conversion by Carrozzeria Auto Sport, now known as Bacchelli & Villa and renowned for their bodywork repairs and restorations. They’re based in Modena, Enzo Ferrari’s hometown, and famously worked on the fiberglass-bodied Ferrari 512 BB LM race cars. The founder, Franco Bacchelli, began working on cars when he started working for Piero Drogo, Ferrari racing driver and coachbuilder, when he was just 14 years old.
While this 365 GTB/4 Competizione is not one of the factory cars, it’s evident that this conversion was made with a high degree of expertise and skill in the traditional way. The most striking part are the beautifully sculpted wheel arches which are significantly wider than standard to accommodate wider wheels and tyres. This conversion involved changing various aspects of the car including the special headlights, front spoiler, air intakes and the installation of a roll cage.
As was tradition for Ferrari in the past, the Daytona has V12 in the front and it’s rear-driven. The fastback styling with the long bonnet is beautiful, but it has a real race car feel thanks to the conversion. The cars that followed, the 365 GT4 BB and Testarossa, changed to a mid-engine layout but Ferrari returned to their traditional front-mounted V12 with the 550 Maranello and has maintained it to this day with the 812 Superfast.

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