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  • Mileage 
    25 000 km / 15 535 mi
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    Original Condition
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  • Performance 
    254 BHP / 258 PS / 190 kW
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VEHICLE HISTORY: The car offered by Ardor Auctions in the July auction is one of the last models of GTB Turbo, which had a total production run of 308 units. Only 44 examples of this version, which was fitted with raised wheel rims and ABS, were made. This is the rarest berlinetta with the 328/GTB Turbo body out of all versions made. The odometer reading is 25 000 km and the car is in the perfect condition. Visually, the car features the classic combination of red rosso paint job and black interior. Virtually all the parts have the original paint and the interior looks brand new, with no sign of wear on the plastics or leather. The car's mechanical and electrical systems and suspension are in a very good condition. Two years ago, the timing belt was replaced and last year oil sump gaskets, oil lines and camshaft seals were replaced and the oil systems were inspected. Recently, the car's electrical systems were inspected. The Ferrari GTB Turbo offered by Ardor Auctions is a very rare and highly sought after car whose perfect condition makes it a unique collector vehicle.

MODEL HISTORY: This two-seater mid-engine Ferrari is a variation on the 328 model, with which it is often confused. The main difference here is the power drive. The GTB Turbo, which is being discussed here, is powered by a V8 engine with a relatively small displacement of 2 litres. To compare, the 328 had a naturally aspirated 3.2 l engine. Thanks to the supercharger, the engine had as much as 254 BHP at 6500 RPM. The turbocharged version was introduced for fiscal reasons, as vehicle taxes were based on engine displacement in Italy. Performance (0 to 100 kph acceleration time of 6.3 seconds, top speed of 253 kph) was similar to that of the naturally aspirated model. In addition to the GTB Turbo, also the GTS Turbo was introduced. The "GT" means „Gran Turismo", while B stands for Berlinetta (coupé) and S for Spider ("targa-top"). Apart from the engine, the differences between those models and the traditional 328 are cosmetic, such as the redesigned engine cover or a roof spoiler as a standard while it was optional in the 328. During the production period between 1986 and 1989, 308 coupés and 828 Spiders were made. The GTB Turbo had no direct successor, as all versions of the 348, which succeeded the Ferrari 328, had naturally aspirated engines. The car is one of 44 examples made with ABS fitted as standard.

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