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    08035 GT
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    08035 GT
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From the Maranello Rosso Collection
1965 Ferrari 275 GTB 'Long-Nose Alloy' Berlinetta
Coachwork by Carrozzeria Scaglietti
Registration no. Not registered in the UK
(previously registered in Italy: Roma 891923)
Chassis no. 08035 GT
Engine no. 08035 GT

Here we at Bonhams are delighted to offer one of the most beautifully well-preserved, highly-original and unspoiled examples we have ever seen of Ferrari's graceful, 3.3-litre, two-cam V12-engined, all-independently-suspended successor to the marque's immortal 250 GT line.

This is one of desirable, lightweight, aluminium-bodied 'Longnose' GTBs and is absolutely one of the outstanding stars of the Maranello Rosso Collection in San Marino, having been acquired by Fabrizio Violati as long ago as 1976.

The car's chassis design is Ferrari's Tipo 563, its engine type 213 equipped with three twin-choke Weber carburettors. It was No. 283 in the assembly sequence and it has survived in its original exterior colour of 'Verde Scuro 20-G-186' with interior trim colour in 'Nero VM 8500'. As original, it was supplied with the desirable new 'Longnose' body style, full leather seats, power windows and with its dashboard instruments reading in kilometres.

Its Cerificato d'Origine was issued by the Maranello factory on November 11, 1965 and on November 18 it was sold new by SEFAC SpA to its first owner, New York-born Franco Palma, who was at that time resident at Via Pergolesi in Rome, Italy. The price paid for the new 275 GTB was Lire 5,250,000. Its Italian road registration and licence plates were issued at the PRA Public Automobile Registry on November 29, 1965, its new number plate reading Roma '891923'.

New owner Franco Palma had the car serviced for the first time at the Ferrari factory Assistenze Clienti in Modena's Viale Trento Trieste on May 17, 1966. Its recorded odometer reading at that time was 6,338 kms, as confirmed by Ferrari factory order No 204/G, and delivery note No 847.

Franco Palma apparently liked the car very much, retaining it for ten full years until June 22, 1976, when it was sold by him only its second owner from new – Fabrizio Violati's Bellancauto SA company, based in Rome. Fabrizio Violati added the car to his rapidly-growing bipartite collection of Ferrari and Abarth cars, later to be opened to the public within museum buildings in central San Marino, and later in Falciano, San Marino, as the Maranello Rosso Collection.

Fabrizio Violati demonstrated the car on September 26,1981, during the Raid Ferrari d'Epoca event in Modena, the car resplendent – as it still is today – in its gorgeous dark-green livery, with original-equipment chromed nose grille guard and still wearing its original Roman licence plate 'Roma 891923'. For fiscal reasons the car was sold internally within the Violati enterprise, from Bellancauto SA to Stelabar SA, domiciled in Falciano, San Marino, on December 31, 1989. It remained one of Signor Violati's favourite Gran Turismo Ferraris until his lamented demise on January 21, 2010, after a long cancer battle, bravely fought.

In recent months the car has been examined for us by the celebrated Swiss Ferrari authority Marcel Massini, and his written response concerning the car simply tells the story as it is:

"Ferrari 275 GTB Alloy Berlinetta #08035: Fantastic 275 GTB Alloy Berlinetta in great and rare original color. Factory original chromed front grille guard. Factory original Voxson radio antenna in left rear fender. Factory original Microtecnica power windows. Odometer showing 61,212 kms. Unfortunately there is one cut in the headliner, driver's side. All original interior. All original paint. All numbers correct (chassis and engine stamping, also internal number and engine type number on timing case) and with perfect fonts. All Weber carbs correct. Even the washer bag has not been replaced...Back up..." (reversing) "...light may have been replaced. No red flags. Great original car, one of the very best cars out of the San Marino Collection. A real gem".

We could hardly describe this simply outstanding three-carburettor 'Longnose' light-alloy bodied Ferrari 275GTB any more clearly, and we recommend it most emphatically as meriting the closest possible consideration. Of particular note for connoisseurial collectors is its remarkable originality, its glorious colour which more than compensates for a number of very minor age blemishes on its original factory paintwork, and perhaps above all its perfect two-owners-only provenance...the second of whom preserved '08035' here largely upon museum display for the past 38 years...

In recent weeks '08035' offered here has had its engine oil, two oil filters and spark plugs replaced, a new battery fitted complete with master switch, gearbox and rear-axle oil level checked and adjusted as required, and its engine has been spun-up for oil pressure and started. The clutch system requires attention, a new master cylinder being required long term. As might be expected after so many years on static display, we recommend engine investigation and rebuild before serious use is contemplated. Corroded and broken H/T electrical leads have been produced and fitted, as have corroded water pipes and perished hoses. The fuel pump has been repaired to operating order, and the right-hand fuel tank – which was found to be leaking - has now been removed, stripped, repaired and re-fitted.

The 3.3-litre V12 front-engined Ferrari 275 GTB model replaced the Maranello marque's highly successful 3-litre 250 series in 1964. Pininfarina was once again called upon to work his magic for the Maranello concern, creating a true classic of Gran Turismo Berlinetta design for the 275 GTB. Penetrative nose, long bonnet, purposeful side vents, high waistline, short be-spoilered tail: these were all ingredients of the recipe yet the result was so much more than merely the sum of its parts. The tail spoiler and cast-alloy wheels echoed developments first seen on Ferrari competition cars, while beneath the skin there was further evidence of racing improving the breed, the independent rear suspension - seen for the first time on a road-going Ferrari - employing a double wishbone and coil-spring arrangement similar to that of the 250 LM rear-engined competition car.

The adoption of a rear-mounted five-speed transaxle combining the gearbox and differential in a single unit helped improve weight distribution fore-and-aft, and the feature would characterise future generations of front-engined Ferrari road cars. Having been enlarged – 250 LM-style - to 3.3 litres, the 60-degree V12 engine remained the familiar basic Colombo two-cam type, in standard form producing 280bhp at 7,600rpm. A higher - 300bhp - state of tune employing six Weber carburettors was available, and this was used for the handful of aluminium-alloy bodied 275GTB/C (Competizione) models that Mr Ferrari had built for racing, mountain-climb and rally use, while enthusiastic and discerning customers purchasing a 275 GTB for road use could also specify lightweight aluminium coachwork – as in '08035' offered here - and/or the six-carburettor engine.

Sadly, by 1968 the progress of automobile emissions legislation in the USA had effectively denied the 275 GTB and its like from Ferrari's most lucrative export market, and the model was phased-out later that same year.

Never has both marque and model been quite so widely coveted as it is today, the 275 GTB being truly appreciated for its 'end of an era' flowing curves and beauty, plus as the broad eligibility for all manner of tour, concours and other classic car events worldwide which it affords its custodians.

This example that we are now privileged to offer is quite exceptional on so many levels and a worthy addition to any connoisseur collection.

Please note this vehicle is subject to the reduced import tax of 5% should it remain in the EU.

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