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*Exterior: Fly yellow 20-Y-490
*Interior: Black Vinyl 161
*Engine: No. 135CS - Matching number
*Chassis: No. 04194
*Bodywork: No. 982
*Coachwork: Scaglietti
*Design: Pininfarina
*Year of manufacturing: 1972
*Date of delivery: June 1972
*Omologation: No. EU553186UPMQ/72
*First Registration: 12/06/1972
*Last Registration: 27/11/2014
*Ferrari Classiche Certificate: FFG /2015, 26/02/2014
*Inspection Report Torkar Srl, 23/10/2017

The History of the Ferrari Dino 246 GT
The Ferrari Dino 206 GT was presented for the first time during the 1967 Turin Motor Show, with a 2-liter V6 aluminum engine mounted transversely behind the cockpit and a 5-speed gearbox and rear wheel drive. The elegant bodywork was designed by Leonardo Fioravanti of Pininfarina and the production of the bodywork was entrusted to the skilled hands of the Scaglietti artisans. The 206 remained in production until 1969, when it was replaced by the Ferrari Dino 246 GT.
Although it is very similar to the previous car, the Ferrari Dino 246 GT included a number of important improvements: the displacement was increased to 2,419 cc, the V6 engine was made of steel instead of aluminum, the fuel tank was more capacious and the chassis lengthened by 2.4 inches.
The Ferrari Dino is one one of the most important Ferrari ever made, as this was the first production Ferrari having a V-6 engine with a central rear positioning, famous also due to the fact that there are no Ferrari badging on the exterior of the car, but only the “Dino” ones.
It is wellknew that the project takes its name from Alfredo, known as "Dino": he was the favorite son of Enzo Ferrari, who died in 1956 of muscular dystrophy and who had taken part as an engineer in the construction of the 6-cylinder engine, which was mounted over the years on many other racing Ferraris.
The Dino represented the first expression of an important change in Ferrari both aesthetically and mechanically, being in effect the first road Ferrari to have a transverse rear six-cylinder engine.
This new mechanical approach brought about a profound revolution also in style, which Pininfarina outlined with great skill, as always. The round and compact shapes of this car remained an indelible aesthetic canon in the history of sports cars. The Dino also had a huge commercial success, both for its aesthetic desing and for its brilliant performance so loved by fans of the “Cavallino”, who adored the car's sporty charisma.
Even today, many consider the Dino one of the most beautiful cars manufactured by Enzo Ferrari, not only for its innovative appearance, but also for the wonderful sports driving experience it offered, to the point of obtaining homologation for racing in 1971.

Our Ferrari Dino 246 GT
This spectacular Ferrari Dino 246 GT Coupè Fly Yellow was finished in Maranello in the spring of 1972 and delivered to Nocentini Automobili Spa in Florence in June of the same year.
Since then, the car has had 8 owners, all in Italy, and has always been carefully maintained and subjected to numerous ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services as well as periodic check only made by Ferrari’s specialists.
The car body was completely restored in 2018 by Carrozzeria Efferreci S.r.l. di Formigine (Ferrari specialists), based a few kilometers from Maranello and comes in the striking and original Fly Yellow exterior color, with black vinyl interiors, restored as the original ones.
The road test also gave unforgettable suggestions. It always causes a thrill of pleasure to drive a car like the Dino, which always goes beyond its not indifferent performances.
This 1972 Dino 246 GT represents today a wonderful opportunity for any Ferrari collector to own an iconic model from the Maranello company, which still today does not fail to garner enthusiastic applause in Concours d’Elegance around the world.
From a purely speculative point of view, the 1972 Dino 246 GT today represents a respectable investment asset, certainly much more sheltered from the fluctuating turbulence of the prices of other car models. A car of "passion investment", an investment to drive!
Today it is possible to view the car online, by booking a call with one of our commercial operators, via Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and Google Meet platforms.


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