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    0066 M
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For the 1949 Mille Miglia, Ferrari entered three 166 MMs with Barchetta bodies by Touring. The race was dominated by them and Biondetti and Salani finished first in their works car. However, the biggest win of the 1949 season was to come at the 24 Hours of Le Mans where Luigi Chinetti made light work of the competition to achieve a resounding victory.

In 1950 Ferrari did not make any substantial technical changes to the 166 MM but they did release a Berlinetta version, also bodied by Carrozzeria Touring. This attractive coupé was given the name ‘Le Mans’ to celebrate the previous year’s victory. Only five cars were given this body making them one of the rarest and most desirable early Ferrari models. The Le Mans proved itself to be extremely versatile and capable of handling all types of terrain from road races to track events and hillclimbs. One of these cars went on to win the 1950 Mille Miglia in the hands of Giannino Marzotto.

The 166 MM Le Mans Berlinetta is the ultimate iteration of the model that first launched Ferrari into the limelight and laid the foundation for the years of success that would follow.

It is hard to summarise just how important 0066 M is. To start with, only five 166 MM Le Mans Berlinettas were ever produced, making it incredibly rare. In addition, it is a total matching number car including its chassis, body, engine and gearbox and it presents exceptionally well throughout. It also boasts something that many other important cars cannot; a well-documented ownership history with some of the finest collectors in the world. The car has passed from one important collection to the next, proving just how special this particular example is. This is all coupled with the fact that the 166 was the model that put Ferrari on the map and set the course for the years of greatness that would follow.

To put it simply, Ferrari would not be where it is today without the 166.