Ferguson TE20 Tractor


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c.1948 Ferguson TE20 Tractor
Registration no. not registered
Chassis no. to be advised

Harry Ferguson's invaluable contribution to agricultural practice is his famous three-point hitch system. Designed back in the 1930s, this ingenious device supported trailed implements hydraulically, maintaining ride height and thus enabling tractors to remain stable. In 1938 a gentleman's agreement was concluded with Ford to build tractors incorporating the Ferguson System. The first such model was the immensely popular Ford-Ferguson 9N, which also featured an hydraulic 'power take off' (PTO) for driving trailed implements. Ford continued to use Ferguson's patented technology after the partnership dissolved in 1946, leading to a protracted legal dispute. In the meantime, Harry Ferguson turned to the Standard Motor Company for the manufacture of a new design of tractor: the TE20. Known to all as the 'Little Grey Fergie' on account of its drab colour scheme, it was made in several variants between 1946 and 1956, during which time some 500,000 were produced.

Started and briefly run up recently, this un-restored TE20 is offered with instruction and service manuals, copies of the Ferguson Club Journal and Newsletter, and bills totalling £1,400.