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French registration papers

- Elegance and exclusivity à la française
- Reliable and with good performance
- Only 432 cars built
When the Facel III was launched, the late José Rosinski wrote: “In its category, the Facel III stands out for its exceptional standard of finish, individual styling and very safe handling ...”. With the arrival of the B18B engine and gearbox fitted to several Volvo models, you could begin to dream that the French company might at last recover from its financial difficulties. The successor to the Facellia, the Facel III was introduced and went on sale in April 1963, following the agreement signed between Facel Vega and Volvo, bringing the little Facel improved performance and reliability.
Our Facel III is one of the 321 four- and six-cylinder Facel Vegas to leave the workshops finished in red (six different shades of red existed). Magnificent to look at, it was completely restored with the utmost care. The exterior cannot be criticised, while the interior and engine compartment are most attractive. The interior in light beige leather is quite superb, as is its incredible dashboard which is painted to look exactly like walnut veneer. We took the opportunity to put the car on a ramp on the day we tested it and it is undoubtedly just as good underneath as on top. It should be said that it has covered only 2500km (1600 miles) since it was completely restored. Behind the wheel, the atmosphere is cosy, the seats are comfortable and there is a genuine and pleasant impression of space, with excellent visibility and two rear seats which are more than acceptable if you wish to travel four-up. The car is easy to drive: the engine (which has been completely overhauled) and four-speed gearbox with overdrive propel the car at a good pace without ever catching out the chassis. The brakes are well balanced and reassuring, while the steering is light. The roadholding seemed excellent to us, no doubt helped by the new 185 80R14 tyres; the sound of the engine was pleasing, without being too intrusive inside the car (a stainless-steel exhaust is fitted). This then is a Facel III which offers everything which established the legend of the French make: prestige and exclusivity, a well-finished interior and elegant and original styling, as well as being reliable and comfortable and delivering good performance in its class. Collectors of the marque - considered the last major French car manufacturer - enjoy considerable help from the hard-working and dynamic Amicale Facel association … It is a great way to drive something different and the epitome of balanced design and elegance à la française.

This car will be sold by auction by AGUTTES Auction House, in Paris, at the Espace Champerret, France, on June the 23th, 2019.
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