1961 Facel Vega Excellence

Série 1


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    EX1 B125
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  • Condition 
    Original Condition
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Francis Staub Collection

1961 – Facel Vega Excellence series 1

French registration papers
Chassis no. EX1 B125

- Only 153 built
- Fine condition, original air-conditioning
- Rare original Carrera green colour

In the history of the car, the Facel Vega Excellence has a special place, for at least three reasons. On account of its make, first of all, which was a shooting star in the firmament of the French car industry. Its founder, Jean Daninos, succeeded in 1954 in launching a French luxury car brand, at a time when the country had lost all its great makes. The second reason was its bodywork: a sleek, low-slung saloon, as luxurious as a Bentley and as fast as a Jaguar, thanks to its powerful and reliable American engine. The third reason was its rarity: between 1958 and 1964, just 145 units of the series 1 Excellence and 8 of the series 2 were built.
Presented in 1956 but only available from 1958, the Excellence was set apart by its finish, a subtle mix of luxury and exclusivity: its painted dashboard with a full stack of instruments had a sporting air echoing its 6.4-litre Chrysler engine. Producing close to 400 bhp, this took the prestigious saloon up to nearly 230 kph (143 mph) and delivered acceleration which could embarrass many sports cars with a brilliant reputation. In its day, it offered a French alternative, one which was sophisticated and refined, to customers used to Bentley, Cadillac, Mercedes or Maserati.
The car which we are offering is a series 1 model, which still had pointed tailfins and a panoramic windscreen, typical of the 1960s. According to the information provided by the Amicale Facel, the car was delivered new in the United States to the agent Peter Satori on 29 January 1961, finished in the unusual shade of Carrera green with a grey leather interior (ref. 3230) and fitted with the options of tinted glass with an even tint, Mitchell air-conditioning and rear heating. It returned to Europe in the 1990s and was the property of a Dutch owner from 1996 to 2003 and then of a French collector in the Yvelines from 2003 to 2012.
Fitted with automatic transmission and power steering, the car is in fine condition today. It was repainted to a good standard a few years ago, while the different body panels appear to be in good condition, with no signs of previous accidents. All the chrome trim is present and in good condition, as are the headlamps and taillights, which are no longer easy to find. Inside, the leather remains supple and the carpets are in relatively good condition, as are the door cards and sides of the transmission tunnel. The engine is very sound and starts straightaway. The automatic transmission is well set up, as are the brakes, which have a powerful bite. Only the high gearing of the steering may come as a surprise, but it is characteristic of the model! Finally, although the wiring loom seems to be in good order, the motors for the electric windows will need to be checked and possibly replaced. One of a kind on the road in the 1960s, a symbol of French excellence, the Excellence truly lives up to its name!


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