1954 Dresda Triton 750


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"Triton motorcycles were not factory models but were hybrid bikes built in the 1960s and 1970s. Many were privately constructed but some London dealers including Dave Degens of Dresda Motors who offered complete bikes. The builders fitted Triumph engines into Norton frames, and the aim was to combine the best elements of each marque and thus gain a bike superior to either. Dave Degens started racing on a BSA Gold Star in 1959, and four years later bought a share in a scooter shop called Dresda Autos of Putney, London, England. But his heart was in riding bikes fast, not fixing Lambrettas, and he soon made a name for himself at Brands Hatch and Mallory Park, and in production races like the Thruxton 500-Miler. Before long he and his partner, Dick Boone, were building Dresda Tritons to special order, they sold 50 in 1964 alone.
This is a custom Dave Degens Triton, it was built for our vendor and is offered here in its Norton colours and in stunning order. Specification, when built by the man famed for Dresda Tritons, included a 750cc conversion, electronic ignition, Dresda swinging arm, four leading brake shoes which is a copy of a 750 racing Yamaha brake, a conical hub and belt drive primary system. Offered without reserve, this is an opportunity to purchase a genuine Dresda prepared by the legend that is Dave Degens.
Guide Price £12,000 - £15,000
*Interested parties should note that the frame and engine numbers are from the original Norton motorcycle"