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  • Mileage 
    310 km / 193 mi
  • Car type 
    Convertible / Roadster
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  • Condition 
  • Exterior brand colour 
    Monte Carlo Blue
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  • Interior brand colour 
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  • Performance 
    265 kW / 361 PS / 356 BHP
  • Drivetrain 



One of only 40 D8 GTO-40 produced, this one being number 10.
New price of €303.000,- huge specification with over €120.000 of extras
Full carbon fibre body
In absolute new, pristine condition
Brand new car, only 305 km’s from new
A thrilling driving experience guaranteed
Originally delivered in 2019
V.A.T deductible vehicle

For years, Donkervoort has been a household name in the Netherlands when it comes to lightweight sports cars. Since 1978, the Donkervoort family has been building cars with a very high driving experience.

The D8 GTO-40 is the crowning glory of 40 years of Donkervoort history and the culmination of the Donkervoort DNA. An exclusive anniversary model that was presented in 2018 in a limited edition of only 40 pieces. Design-wise, the focus for the D8 GTO-40 was on increasing downforce and aerodynamic balance. This is reflected in the striking design and in the details of the aerodynamic elements.

Apart from all technical and optical innovations, the D8 GTO-40 is primarily a versatile Donkervoort. Besides pure and fast, it is also comfortable for wonderful touring. For this, the driver can choose from a wide range of possibilities.

The most important core value of Donkervoort for 40 years is the light weight. Thanks to various innovations, a significant weight saving was realized in the construction of the D8 GTO-40. Which makes this the lightest GTO ever.

The result: more than 380 hp on only 678 kg. This Donkervoort accelerates from 0-200 km/h in only 7.7 seconds.

Astonishing performance and lots of driving pleasure guaranteed.


This D8-GTO 40 is number 10 of the total 40 built.
The car was originally ordered by a German customer, but after the delivery it was almost not driven resulting in a odometer which is currently showing only 304 kilometers.
Donkervoort drives approximately 200 test kilometers since completion with the car so we can easily conclude that this is a brand new car.

Amongst the uniqueness that this car has only driven 304 kilometers since new, the specification of this Donkervoort is absolutely amazing.

The specification of this Donkervoort is extraordinary as the fist owner choose to have for over € 120.000,- of options fitted on the car. The list is too long to publish but please contact us if you want to know every single option.

We highlight the full carbon fibre body. This means that absolutely everything on the body is made of carbon fibre, including the rims. This all benefits the overall weight and agility of the car.

The specification of this Donkervoort is absolutely outstanding and it will be difficult to easily obtain a car which is so well ordered.


We can be very brief about the car's exterior. The car is completely new and therefore in absolute mint condition. The same applies to the interior.

Due to the low amount of kilometers the car can be described in as new condition.


A short overview of all the extras this car comes with.

Full carbon fibre body worth of €32.725,-
Carbon fibre rims worth of €17.136,-
Bosch Motorsport ABS-system worth of €14.280,-
Lightweight climate controle worth of €14.280,-
6-point racing harnasses worth of €2.796,-
Titanium exhaust worth of €8.211,-

A Donkervoort is built to be enjoyed. A super sportscar to drive to special locations.

When we drove for the first time a Donkervoort we were impressed by the fact that these cars can be raced on a very hard way but also can be enjoyed for longer distance trips on a comfortable way.

The seat position is very comfortable without and when needed with helmet.

A Donkervoort has an ultra low weight and superior performance. We have absolutely never driven a car which is so spectacular and impressive.

The experience with this Donkervoort starts when the key is turned in the ignition. In front of the driver the MXS Pista drivers display welcomes the driver. On this screen (looking like a Formula 1 car screen) the driver can see all sorts of information including track timing via GPS.

When the first gear is selected and the car starts rolling it becomes immediately clear that the Donkervoort is an extremely easy car to drive. The handling is easy but the driver has to be careful because the gas pedal is willing to be pushed and when the pedal is pushed, the car turns into a very angry Wolff.

It is absolutely indescribable how impressive a Donkervoort feels when the gas pedal is seriously pushed. The speed (0 to 200 in 7.7 seconds) but also the handling is not comparable to any other car on the market.

This car is absolutely amazing and a very rare opportunity to buy a very nice specified example with only 304 kilometers driven since new.

If this Donkervoort should be registered in Holland, the total cost price for the car is:
€ 198.500,- + 21% V.A.T = € 240.000,- + BPM € 9.000,-(luxury tax, ONLY IN HOLLAND) = € 249.000,-

The Houtkamp Collection
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