1943 Dodge WC 51


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French title for the Dodge
Dodge chassis # 81715212
Harley No. 42-2136

- Very rare set
- Completely restored with the utmost care for historical details
- A superb and faithful tribute to the American troops of WWII
- An exceptional set sold in one lot
- No Reserve

The Dodge Weapons Carrier was the beast of burden of the US Army throughout the Second World War. Its reliability and robustness were unmatchable. It was also the all-purpose pickup truck of all the US Army units on all theaters of war, on all continents. Its 6-cylinder Chrysler 3800cc engine was literally indestructible. The Dodge on offer has been completely restored as per the rules of the art, down to the last detail. It is equipped with its embarkation equipment (shovel, axe, fork, rope, camouflage net, jerry cans, cases...) as you could to come across on the French roads after the American landing.
The Harley-Davidson WLA, from 1943 also, has a very special history since it was rediscovered in its original state, in a military barrack by a policeman who spent his life to work on it again. It is equipped with the maximum of accessories of the period, respecting the original configuration. Sold without registration because it was never registered, this superb WLA has also been featured in various magazines on 'Military vehicles'. The motorcycle is placed on a modern trailer, built according to the models of time and especially in the finer details such as the ropes and jerrycans. This combo in the colors of the 82nd Airborne unit is in a quite exceptional restored condition. Such a group is extremely rare and it is a real opportunity to acquire and use today a part of History, either for meetings, or for the occasional drive in countryside, or simply as a part of a beautiful collection.