2010 Dodge Challenger


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2010 Dodge Challenger STR8/"Super 'Cuda" Convertible

Designer: Norm Kraus "Mr. Norm"

Estimate: $70,000 - $115,000 Without Reserve

Chassis Number: 2B3CJ7DW6AH282029

Decoded: 2=Canada, B=Dodge; 3=Passenger car; C=Seat belts and air bags; J=Challenger; 7=SRT-8; D=2-dr Coupe; W=6.1L Hemi V8; 6=Check Digit; A=2010; H=Brampton, Ont. Assembly; 282029=Unit Sequence

Engine: 6.1L 'Hemi V8

Supercharged/600 bhp

6-Speed Manual Transmission

Four Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Odometer: 4,400 Miles

The Model - Back in the heyday of the muscle-car era, one of the rarest of all was a Hemi 'Cuda convertible. When Dodge reintroduced the Challenger coupe, something was missing, its little brother the Plymouth 'Cuda. Enter Norm Kraus, better known as "Mr. Norm". He says he loved Mopar fans and will do anything for them, and that is what he did in the creation of his "Super 'Cuda". Starting with a Hemi equipped Dodge Challenger, Norm added a new grill trim reminiscent of the 1970 'Cuda's, and he performed a similar trick to the rear-end treatment. Under the hood, he adds a Kenne Bell supercharger and front-mount intercooler capable of up to 900 HP, but the 650 HP version is a bit more street friendly. A Corsa Performance "cat-back" dual exhaust helps out too. Custom Mopar spider alloy wheels, Brembo disc brakes on all four corners and this is a car that will run rings around the competition.

The Car - Just like the original "Hemi 'Cuda", Mr. Norm produced just a handful of the "Super 'Cuda" convertibles and to find one available is just about as rare of an occurrence as finding an original. This beautifully maintained example is one of Mr. Norm's finest creations and while it has been enjoyed to a limited degree, today it appears to be as new as the day it rolled out of those shops where new legends are being born. Even with the top up, that sporty appearance stays true. Under the hood, the highly polished supercharger is the star of the show, and for a vocal accompaniment, the throaty roar from the exhaust will make gear heads applaud. It's not just all glitz and glamour, this fine ride will get up and scoot with unofficial 0-to-60 times coming in under 5 seconds and top speeds well above posted speed limits everywhere. It provides the stock entertainment center, plus amenities like cruise control, power everything, including the folding top, and the most comfortable seats you can hope for at any speed. We searched the records and cannot find when another of Mr. Norm's Super 'Cuda convertible crossed an auction block, so this may be your one and only chance to bid on a legend that is admired today and will be treasured tomorrow.