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Designer: John Z. DeLorean

Chassis Number: SCEDT26T8BD002005
Decoded: S=U.K.; CE=DeLorean; DT=DMC­-12; 2=Gullwing Coupe; 6=Even more; T=Seat­Belt
restraints; 8=Check Digit; B=1981 model year; D=Dunmurray, N. Ireland, assembly plant;
002005=2,005th 1981 DeLorean scheduled for assembly
Engine: 2849 cc V6
Electronic Fuel injection / 200 bhp
3­-Speed Automatic Transmission
Power Assisted Four Wheel Hydraulic Disc Brakes

● Preserved with Care
● Pure Stock and Unmolested
● Looks Great, Runs Better

The Model: Before John DeLorean’s dream came to production, the planning was long and drawn. When the cars did hit the road, they had been engineered to be one of the best cars available in the world. Officially called the DMC-­12, during its development it was called for some time the “Z Tavio”; “Z” for DeLorean and his son’s middle names of Zachary, and “Tazio” in honor of his beloved father. Getting the financed DeLorean turned to a number of sources including celebrities such as Sammy Davis Jr. and Johnny Carson. He also gained help from the British government with thousands of jobs promised in exchange for tax considerations on the Dunmurry, North Ireland factory. Approximately 9,200 DMC-­12 Gullwing coupes were produced by DeLorean and each of these is a part of the history of one man’s dream that almost made it only to become an orphan three years after launch.

The Car: Once described as the car you could restore with a pad of steel ­wool, this example needs none of that. It has been kept, or should we say preserved, in its original state. While the car has seen some road time, there is no indication of any damage to the body, undercarriage or any wear and tear to the soft trim. All of the gauges and accessories are reported to be in fine working condition including the factory AM­/FM radio and air­-conditioning. This same pattern of originality has been transferred to the engine bay which is also presented with proper clamps, hoses, markings and decals. As much as a museum piece this DeLorean is, this car can and should be driven and enjoyed. An ever growing group of DeLorean fans are snapping up what few of these are left today, making service parts easier to find than when new.

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