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    46 700 km / 29 019 mi
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With a mere 9’000 cars built between 1981 and 1983, a DMC-12 is a rare occurrence anywhere. This example was completed in December 1981 and shipped from Ireland to the USA. There‘s no history on the car until 2010/11 when the then owner had the engine reworked to “Phase Two” specification (resulting in 200 horsepower) at the DeLorean Motor Company in Illinois. Invoices for 14’000 U.S. dollars for this job are available. In 2017 the gullwing coupe was bought and imported into Switzerland by the vendor. In the same year, at around 45‘000 miles, the clutch was replaced. The DMC-12 is equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox, leather interior and air conditioning and is in very good overall condition. Now showing roughly 47‘000 miles the DeLorean is sold without a flux capacitor but a perhaps more useful Swiss registration and a Swiss veteran MOT dating from November 2017. With current regulations it is rather difficult to have a DeLorean registered in Switzerland, therefore this must be a rare opportunity to start the next time travel as the new owner of a legendary DMC-12.