1913 Delahaye Type 43

Type 43 coupé chauffeur par Audineau et Cie


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- Chauffeur coachwork, complete
- Rare model, 3-litre engine not seized
- Remarkable state of conservation
- No reserve

This Delahaye Type 43 has a lovely coupé-chauffeur body built by Audineau et Cie Carrossiers. The coachwork is complete, with its wooden frame, and so could serve as a base for restoration. It also still features its original upholstery, leather in the front and fabric in the rear compartment that sports folding seats. It provides a rare and precious manifestation of the original configuration of this chauffeur-driven car, that sits on " artillery " wheels with wooden spokes. The engine appears to be complete and we were able to check that it turns. It is a four-cylinder 3-litre flathead monobloc engine with non-detachable cylinder head, powerful enough to produce a very strong performance for the period. It is possible to make out an old registration: 1615 I 4. In the Delahaye range, the Type 43 slotted between the 12/16 CV and the 4-litre 20/30 CV models. It was available in several chassis lengths on which coachbuilders adapted the bodies according to the buyer's wishes.
A rare model, sophisticated engineering, luxurious coachwork and in original condition: these form the foundations of what will be a wonderful car, with an enviable past.