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1949 - Delahaye 135 M Coach "Gascogne" by Dubos
Ex Philippe Charbonneaux - From the Musée de Reims Champagne collection

French registration papers

- Rare coach Gascogne signed Dubos
- Clear history, very good original condition
- From one of the most beautiful French collection

Elegant and streamlined, the Delahaye 135 M Coach Gascogne line is the work of French designer Philippe Charbonneaux. It was therefore quite naturally that he bought this 1949 model from a certain Jean-Michel Choplin of Ferté-Bernard on May 7, 1980. Purchased in perfect condition and working order, it will join its collection in Saint-Dizier in Haute-Marne and a few years later its museum in Reims from 1985 to 2016.

Black with burgundy leather upholstery, the car has never been restored and is now in exceptional original condition. Registered from 31 December 1969 in Haute-Garonne under number 303 BR 31, then 1946 RA 72 when it is put in the name of Jeannine Choplin, the Designer's son, Hervé Charbonneaux, will finally put it in his name at the address of the Musée de Reims, on 02 September 1985. In 1980, he will participate in the Delahaye Rally and then in the Rallye du Mont-Blanc (see archive photo in colour). It will then drive occasionally before finding its place in the museum.
It was recently restarted by specialist Xavier Mathiot. During our visit, we were able to see that the triplex windows of the windshield, yellowed over time, will have to be changed, and some chrome, without having lost any material, are pitted. The car has probably never been repainted and only the paint on the right rear wing will have to be redone. If the structure of the white sidewall tires is not worn, they will have to be changed as they are 40 years old. The interior is also original. The burgundy leather seats are in good condition, deliciously patinated and tear-free. The replacement of carpets may be necessary, but the carpets and counter-doors should be kept in this way. The entire dashboard is complete with all the push buttons and counters that frame the original steering wheel. On the mechanical side, and as confirmed by Jean-Paul Tissot - President of Club Delahaye - the car is still equipped with its original engine, a 5 S 103 type, i. e. a 135 M mono-carburator which was later assembled into 3 carburettors as was regularly done at the time to gain more power.

Dubos' collaboration with the Delahaye brand began before the Second World War with the creation of a 135 M convertible on a chassis, presented at the 1937 Paris Motor Show. Louis Dubos died in 1947 and it was his three sons (Léo, Pierre and Jean) who took over the company and focused on creating sober and elegant cars. On Delahaye 135 M chassis, the bodybuilder made a first coach largely inspired by the pre-war lines. Then at the 1949 show, he presented two coaches: a white "Gascogne" coach and a second one with the particularity of being a mix between the 1947 version and the "Gascogne" version. According to the Gascogne registery, which will be given to its buyer, only twelve Gascogne coaches are listed and known to date. Eight would still be in France, two in Germany, one in Russia and one in Sweden.
Rare, beautiful and powerful thanks to its 110 hp six-cylinder engine and its Cotal gearbox with ingenious handling, this 135 M with an enviable history is a superb opportunity to enjoy the refinement and myth of the French brand.

Please note that the car is sold without roadworthy test.

This car will be sold by auction by AGUTTES Auction House, in Lyon, France, on November the 9th, 2019.
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