1938 Delahaye 135 M


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    Original Condition
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Belgian title
Chassis n° 60127
Chapron body n°6064
Engine n°60127

- Highly elegant coachwork
- Magnificent original condition, superb upholstery
- Rare coupé sport version by Chapron

According to a letter written by Ms Chapron, this Delahaye 135 M was delivered to the coachbuilder Chapron on 13 December 1938, and bodied as a coupé sport, number 6064. It had been commissioned on 29 November 1938 by a Mr E. Migliaccio from Algiers, as part of his order for two identical Delahaye 135 coupés, the other having body number 6063. Mme Chapron continued: " Unfortunately the records for these two cars were lost during the Evacuation in 1939 - 1940. " The car was later acquired by Rudy Cloos, the collector from Luxembourg, and there is a record of the registration from this period, on the back of the rear plate. In October 1985 the Delahaye appeared in an auction in Fontainebleau, where it sold to Frédéric-Adrien Mangin, who registered the car in Paris in 1986, with the number 920 FVB 75. Two years later he entrusted it to a British auction house to be sold in Geneva on 22 March 1988. It was acquired by Peter Kaus, the respected collector and founder of the Rosso Bianco museum in Aschaffenburg, Bavaria. This museum housed a collection of some of the world's best sports and racing cars, and when the museum was sold in 2006, most of the cars were acquired by Evert Louwman who owns a museum in Holland. Subsequently Louwman sold the majority of the Rosso Bianco collection, including the Delahaye presented here, which was acquired by a Belgian collector.
The paintwork has been refreshed and the car is presented in superb original condition. The varnished wooden dash is flawless with a complete set of dials and instruments in superb condition. The black steel four-spoke steering wheel looks like new, and the steering column features the famous " moutardier " gear lever controlling the Cotal pre-selective gearbox that makes the car so agreeable to drive. The patina of the dark brown upholstery exudes comfort and luxury, offering an invitation to step inside. There is a side-facing seat in the back, with room for a third person, and a light and a small storage compartment fitted to both rear pillars. The level of finish in this car reflects the skill of the craftsmen who built it.

The Delahaye 135 M was equipped with the marque's triple carburettor version of the 3.5-litre six-cylinder engine. The 135 remains a real classic in automobile history, which has demonstrated its versatility by winning such different challenges as the Monte Carlo Rally and Le Mans 24 Hours, in different versions.
The car presented is a perfect illustration of the model's capacity to be fitted with the most elegant coachwork, built here by one of the most talented French coachbuilders of the day.