1937 Delahaye 135 M

Cabriolet Dubos


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    Convertible / Roadster
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Serial number 48718
Single copy with Dubos bodywork
Same owner since 1981
French title

This Delahaye 135 M Dubos is an extremely elegant cabriolet, made of many details that come together around the majestic six-cylinder engine fed by three Solex carburetors. Today in a very beautiful shape, this Delahaye 135 has a singular history for its owner. Seen in his youth in the 1950s, he had sworn one day to own this car, and then the years passed. Then, one day, his brother-in-law made a stop in Paris to buy a Delahaye, he accompanied him, and saw in the back of the garage, the 135 of his childhood which he hastened to acquire. We are then in the 1980s and the car although in good general condition required some work fitness. The chassis is from 1937, its engine is from 1935 (foundry number) and the body was certainly installed just after the war. Its owner undertook with the greatest coachbuilders, saddlers and engine manufacturers of the time, a complete restoration of the car. The Restoration Workshop of Touraine, the Master of the Trades of the Automobile, the Carrosserie Lecoq, all took care of this Delahaye. His owner spent lavishly for almost ten years to give back to this car, its original beauty. Completed in the 1990s, it was ready for the wedding of the owner's daughter and convoyed the bride and groom during the ceremony before being put in the garage. The beauty was then regularly started and maintained over the years, offering a few outings on very special occasions, which explains its current state simply unbelievable for a restoration of more than thirty years. Today, we offer you the opportunity to acquire a beautiful Dubos body installed after the war on this chassis 135 of 1937! The design of this body is simply sublime!