1937 Delage D6-70

Coach Panoramique by Letourneur et Marchand


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French registration
Chassis # 47411

- A very elegant body by Letourneur et Marchand
- Very pleasant to use, a really powerful Delage
- Car on offer in very good condition

The firm Delage, since its inception at beginning of the 20th century became established as one of the most prestigious brands within the French automotive industry. Founded in 1905, barely two years later it won at the French Grand Prix at Dieppe. With its success in motorsport, Louis Delage 's developed his production cars with the prestigious heritage of technology and a number of technical innovations such as a five-speed gearbox, the engine with four valves per cylinder and overhead camshafts. Keen on competition, Delage always believed in making cars that were always cutting edge technologically. A big gamble? Sure enough it was - the 1929 economic crisis plunged Delage into serious financial difficulties and so it came to pass that rival Delahaye took over Delage in 1935. Alongside the exclusive eight-cylinder-engine cars, there appeared in 1932 the D6 -11, featuring an in-line 6-cylinder, which progressed from year to year, to become the D6 70, unveiled in 1935, a model which enjoyed great success. In this latest form, the engine had a displacement of 2729cc.
As it was then, a buyer of this car turned to a coachbuilder of choice. In this case, Letourneur et Marchand was responsible for making this striking "Panoramique." The history of this coachbuilder has always been greatly intertwined with that of Delage. Created the same year, they became the officially appointed body builder for Delage, even to the point that they would collaborate in jointly owning the Autobineau coachbuidling subsidiary .
This coach Panoramique that we present is one of the very finest achievements from the Neuilly sur Seine workshop: one can appreciate the grace of its lines underlined by the absence of any frame between the front and rear windows, complemented by the whitewall tyres mounted on the side. Very fine details, the refinement of the interior combines perfectly with the noble execution of mechanicals, mated to an electromagnetic Cotal gearbox, a feature specially appreciated by fans of sports cars and grand tourers of that epoch.
This car has undergone a complete restoration and the state in which it is presented attests to that. The bodywork was redone and it is adorned in a beautiful white "Carare" shade. The cabin inside uses precious varnished wood, also redone, the work entrusted to a master of the art, as like the upholstery, which has been redone in an elegant dove grey colour, with matching new carpets. Great attention has been paid to the seats, which each carry the logo of the brand, engraved into the leather. The chrome bits have been redone like new, like the rear bumper of the brand Comos0, a popular accessory at the time. A splendid four spoke steering wheel is there to decorate the interior.
The expert's report in 2008 noted a mileage of 47,411km and defines the state of the car, confirming the good quality of the recent repainting, which indicates that the body is healthy, and has no corrosion. The engine demonstrates a good setting and the Cotal gearbox is in good condition too. Our collector, who is 80-years-old drives the car regularly, and he says that the car has been giving him boundless pleasure with its robust and powerful engine, a car that is very easy to handle: "I'm in love with the car's design and with the windows rolled down, out on the road, this car gives me a phenomenal sense of freedom."
This is a rare and exclusive car with a very stylish body that is in very good condition, and offers great driveability, along with the charm of the 1930s.