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1974 DeTomaso Pantera Tipo 874 Coupe

Designer: Tom Tjaarda

Estimate: $90,000 - $130,000 Without Reserve

Chassis Number: THPNND06704

Decoded: T=DeTomaso; H=Modena, Italy assembly; PN=Pantera; ND=November 1973 build date; 06704=6,704th Pantera scheduled for production (1974 model year).

Engine: 427 cid "Big Block" V8

Nitrous-Oxide Injection & Demon 850 CFM carb/600 bhp

5-Speed Manual Transaxle

Power Assisted Four Wheel Disc Brakes

Odometer: 52,350 miles

Superb Workmanship in Custom build

Ultimate Build for Performance and Looks

Nothing Overlooked for Total Satisfaction

The Model - It was a marriage like no other in the world of sport and performance automobiles. There had been a number of other attempts to create a vehicle with exotic European styling that was propelled by American horsepower, and while many of those had seen some limited success, the push that Ford provided for the Pantera was unlike anything else seen before. Offered for sale and to be serviced through the company's expansive Lincoln-Mercury dealer organization, meant that repairs could be done in a day or two instead of a month or two. Blending beautiful design American born Tom Tjaarda, combined with the expertise from the Ghia coachbuilders, its looks were modern and exciting. Adding a small-block Ford V8 in this mid-engine beauty was genius. Lee Iacocca has often been credited with bringing the Pantera to market, and no doubt, this was one of his finest hours, marrying Italian style to American horsepower. Of course, there were other suppliers from other countries involved, such as ZF who provided the 5-speed transaxle, as well as other components needed to create a great machine.

The Car - Finished in sleek silver, this coupe has all the looks of a stock machine, but open the car up and you will be surprised at what has happened to this vehicle. In the engine bay sits a 427 cubic inch engine built by P. I. Motorsports in Orange, California. Fitted with Victor Jr. heads and intake manifold, it is fed fuel through a Demon 850 CFM 4-barrel carburetor and for that extra little kick, a twin-tank NOS system delivers plenty of horses and torque to the ZF transaxle. It doesn't just look fast, it looks fast with fully chromed suspension, drivetrain, and cooling system components, nothing can hold this Pantera back. Upgraded electrics, including special LED lighting plus new gauges, and a Kenwood stereo and amplifier system, this coupe has it all. The seats are hand-crafted leather fitted with Crow Racing seat belts. Riding on a set of HRE 2-piece wheels wearing Michelin Pilot Sport tires, it grips the road with a complete Wilwood disc brake system that features heavy duty pads and slotted rotors for extra cooling. To chronicle everything that has been done to this ride, is a notebook filled with invoices, photos, and even the original owner's manual. None prettier, none faster, this is the ultimate in Pantera performance and luxury.

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