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French registration title as historic vehicle

Fully restored for more than 77 000 €
Many times entered at Tour Auto, Le Mans Classic, and Monte-Carlo Historic
Displayed at the Le Mans 24H in 2014

The two car enthusiasts René Bonnet and Charles Deutsch come at the 1954 Paris Motor Show with the fruit of their research, a French berlinette, the DB HBR5 Coach, which follows on from an aluminium prototype presented the previous year. This little car was a real revolution with a central frame-beam, its fibreglass bodywork and a two-cylinder engine developing 50 horsepower, originally from Panhard. The result is surprising with a car weighing only slightly more than 600 kilograms and capable of surprising performances that will allow it to regularly appear at the top of the rankings in its class or on the performance index. Comparable in its approach to a Lotus Elite, or the ancestor of the Alpine A110, this car has an important place in the history of French racing cars. Today it is the symbol of a bygone era when a few talented craftsmen could compete in the world's greatest events. The manufacturer D.B. has won nearly 1,000 races and can boast to this day of being the French manufacturer with the highest number of participations in the Le Mans 24 Hours!
The car we are presenting was delivered to DB on 28 November 1958 before being sent to the United States by DB Northeastern Inc. on 28 January 1959. Originally Vit-Lak orange, it was repainted immediately at the request of its owner. It changed hands a second time and went to Arizona before returning to France in 2004 in the collection of a major collector of the brand. Her aim is to participate in several historic events where the DB has shone in the past. It is therefore undergoing a complete restoration at the renowned Provost Automobile near Le Mans for the modest sum of €54,400 and for more than €9,000 at Electricity Jandeaux in Aigné (72) for the entire frame-beam. Perfectly prepared, the DB will take the start of the Tour Auto Optic 2ooo in 2007 and 2009, the Le Mans Classic 2006 and the Le Mans Legend 2007 before joining the Le Mans 24 Hours Museum during the exhibition reserved for French cars in the famous French race. It is in 2015 that the current owner takes possession of it. Now coming with an FIA Technical Passport and a FFSA passport, he will take the start of the Monte-Carlo Historique in 2017 and 2019.
The fibreglass bodywork looks as if it has just been restored. The sashes are perfectly aligned and the paint is very well stretched. The long doors, the Le Mans type fuel cap and the bonnet straps give to the whole a typical look of the period. Complying with FIA Annex K, the car obtained its HTP papers in October 2007 (to be renewed) and distinguished itself with brio at the 2017 Historic Monte Carlo with the first place in the pre-62 category and the French historic commission cup... Like a reminder of history with the 3rd place of Surles/Piniers at the wheel of their Coach in 1959 !
More and more sought-after, DB Coaches are endearing cars, fun to drive with their exceptional handling, which is rare on our roads. For a long time absent from the lists of the greatest historical events, they are finally regaining interest among collectors. Our example, sold with an 851 cc (n°25553) and in addition its two Zenith 38 WIM carburettors to increase its power is a piece of choice. It’s your turn to enjoy the sound of the two-cylinder, the reverse gearbox control and the most beautiful events on the calendar!

Estimate : 55 000 – 75 000 €

164 bis, avenue Charles de Gaulle
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