1957 DB Panhard HBR5


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French title Chassis n° 1092 then 1283 Engine n° 165063 - Historic racing car - Competed three times in Le Mans 24 Hours - Restored to "Vitrine" configuration This car first appeared in the 1959 Le Mans 24 Hours. It was part of the factory team, bodied as a 744cc aluminium barchetta, with chassis number 1092. It retired in the 9th hour with a broken clutch. At the end of the year, the car sold to Jean-François Jaeger and it was given a new body, with chassis number 1283. In fact, the rules of Le Mans stipulated a minimum height of 80cm between the seat and the top of the windscreen. A roof suitable for use on the DB barchettas was built, with a distinctive shape : the windscreen was composed of two large flat panels in a V-shape, which gave the car its name " Vitrine ". A second kit was made but never used. The car was fitted with an 848cc engine and competed in this configuration in the 1960 Le Mans 24 Hours with Robert Bouharde and Jean-François Jaeger. This time it finished the race, crossing the line in 19th place, 3rd in the Index of Energy. The following year, having been sold to Edgar Rollin, it took part in the race at Le Mans again, this time finishing 21st. From 1960, the car also competed in various other, less high-profile competitive events. This car then re-appeared in 1965, having been modified again: its large windscreen replaced by a more envelopping version by René-Bonnet Djet, and with a lower bonnet. It continued to run until 1970. In 1984, Jacques Grelley, a well-known DB collector based in the US, bought the car from M. Solignac, a dentist from Annecy. At the time of the transaction, it had the registration it retains today, as the 'coach' HBR 896, with the corresponding manufacturer's plaque. In 1990, wanting to return the car to its original form, the owner entrusted it to an aluminium craftsman who worked with Matra, based next to the Paul Ricard circuit. A polyester mould of the front was made by Roland Roy and Jacky Bruno from the barchetta in the Le Mans museum (chassis 1093) at the end of 1990, to serve as a template, and the restoration began. The closure of the Matra concern at the Paul Ricard circuit, however, brought things to a halt for a while. The two craftsmen moved to Salbris and the work was transferred to the Deseinde restoration workshop, near Auxerre, in collaboration with Roland Roy. When the metalwork was almost finished, the car was displayed at Retromobile in 2002, on the Amicale DB stand. It was then passed to EPAF and under the direction of Jean-Paul Humbert, and the restoration of the body and the mechanical elements was finished. Once it had rediscovered its " Vitrine " form, the DB was exhibited at Retromobile. In collaboration with Dominique Pinaud, Jacques Grelley showed the car at various events, and it took part in the 2008 Paris-Deauville Rally, where it won best restoration. Its most recent appearance was at the "Le Mans Auto-Moto-Rétro" show in April 2014, where it was displayed on the DB stand alongside two other DBs that had competed in the 1961 Le Mans 24 Hour Race. It may be one of the stars chosen for the Panhard-engined sportscar tribute at Montlhéry on 11 October later this year. This is a genuine competition car that has competed three times in one of the greatest races in history. Restored to its " Vitrine " configuration in which it was most successful, it is also one of the well-known DBs, with its very distinctive body. A symbolic part of 1960s motor racing, it would clearly be eligible for Le Mans Classic. Competition history: - 1959 : 24 Heures du Mans, Alessandro de Tomaso / Colin Davis, châssis 1092, barcetta configuration, retired 9th hour (clutch) - 1960 : 24 Heures du Mans, Robert Bouharde / Jean-François Jaeger, châssis 1283, Vitrine coupé configuration, 19th (3rd in Index of Energy). Other competitions 1960 : 6 Heures d'Auvergne, Urcy hillclimb, Tour de Belgique - 1961 : 24 Heures du Mans, Edgar Rollin / René Bartholoni, Vitrine configuration , 21th Other competitions 1961 : Coupe de Bruxelles, 1000 Km de Paris, 6 Heures d'Auvergne - 1964 : Chamrousse and Col Bayard hillclimbs, Trophées du Cognac with M. Moussier. - 1965-1967 : modified with flat bonnet and envelopping windscreen of René Bonnet Djet. Participation in the 1967 and 1968 Ronde Cévenole, Critérium des Cévennes 1968. - 1970 : modified front. Participation in several competitions including the Millau hillclimb.