1927 Darmont Morgan



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    Convertible / Roadster
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French collection title

The presented model was sold by the regional agent of Isère located in Abreis, Léon Rousillon (plates fixed on the end of the wings). The vintage photographs found with the registration 223 PG 1, correspond to the year 1938 and the department of the Rhone. It was then bought to a breaker of Lyon on November 27, 1964 by Mr Michel Astier who will expose it in the museum of the Bastille in Grenoble. It will then be bought in 1995 at an auction by its current owner. It follows a restart in 1997 with a motor revised by Jean Lamand and registered in registration 8312 SV 73 on March 27, 1998.
This Darmont has its manufacturer's plate (not original, reproduction Depanoto) on which is hit its engine number 50551 which matches with that struck on the magnetos support. The type DS corresponds to the name "Darmont Special".
With 2 magnets, this Darmont is a "luxury series". It has the peculiarity of having a cache magnétos aluminum to protect them from bad weather, but also projections. This piece is vintage because it is found in black and white photographs, but also unique, since no other similar has been identified to date. Is it the work of the distributor or one of the owners?
Attached to the wall under the dashboard, there is the original plate "Recommendations" giving instructions for maintenance and lubrication of the Darmont, a support 2 emergency spark plugs and the drip associated with the pump punch for lubricating the engine.
A modern-looking break system is present and fixed to the ground in the cockpit.
This Darmont has different accessories that were sold at the time: supless lighting / windshield / front fender / bumper / aluminum dashboard with instrumentation: watch, Jaeger odometer, ammeter and control lighting. It has two large sport tailpipes with carp tail. The dome of the radiator is painted, another feature of this Darmont that can also be seen in the period photographs. Woodwork and bodywork appear in good condition and conform to the origin, except the tip of the tip which seems to have been slightly truncated. The upholstery (2 cushions + backrest) is compliant and in good condition. On the steering wheel, we note the presence of 3 levers, 2 allow to adjust the advance on ignition of the two magnetos and the other acting as accelerator. Another handle is fixed against the wall of the passenger compartment under the steering wheel, acting as a starter. The front brakes, original drum driven by cables, have been converted into hydraulics. It has two boxes attached to each side of the cabin for carrying tools, or a battery because we notice the presence of a dynamo on the left side of the engine. Another chest is located behind the backrest.
The restoration is old and it is to restart. After its purchase in 1995, its owner had the engine overhauled by a member of the Amicale Tricyclecariste de France, Mr Jean Lamand connoisseur and passionate about this model. Its original configuration has not been distorted over the years and different owners. Today, this special Darmont is presented as it came out of the factory Darmont with a beautiful patina that will seduce with no doubt.

We would like to warmly thank Frédéric Viginier, President of the Amicale Tricyclecariste de France for his invaluable help in describing this masterpiece of French automotive heritage!