1999 Daimler Super V8


  • Year of manufacture 
  • Mileage 
    112 200 mi / 180 569 km
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"The new aluminium V8 was smooth, quiet and powerful, and corresponded perfectly with low road noise, long a key feature of Jaguars.' – Eric Dymock, 'The Jaguar File'. The new V8-powered Daimler saloons were introduced in 1997 as part of Jaguar's revised X300 range, a new and highly acclaimed ZF five-speed automatic gearbox arriving at the same time. This state-of-the-art, quad-cam, 32-valve engine was built in capacities of 3.2 and 4.0 litres to power three new Jaguars and two new Daimlers. The new Daimlers comprised the V8 and Super V8, the latter equipped with a 322bhp supercharged unit, both of which shared the same long-wheelbase four-door saloon body and were equipped to the customarily very high standard of luxury.This lovely example is presented in Maroon Red with light tan interior and enjoys the supercharged V8 which propels this elegant British saloon along with great ease. The car comes with a good service history with regular stamps showing in the book. This model comes with air conditioning, electric windows and front seats. It also has a CD player and changer, picnic tables in the rear, sunroof and the desirable two seats in the rear as opposed to the bench seat configuration. We are informed that the two Jaguar supplied in car mobile phone units are in working order but will need a SIM card in each to operate. These luxury saloons are still as comfortable to ride in and as smooth to drive as they were 20 years ago."