1937 Cord Beverly

Beverly Sedan SC Compresseur


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    31959 S
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US registration
Customs cleared in EU

- Superb restoration
- A pioneering automobile
- Candidate for prestigious Concours d'Elegance

Though Cord production ceased in 1932, four years later Cord was back with a very original and a very modern bodywork designed by the legendary Gordon Buehrig. Still powered by the Lycoming 125bhp, it would be the 812 in 1937 that increased power to a more impressive 170bhp, when equipped with an optional supercharger. Erret Lobban Cord left the auto industry on August 7, 1937, with less than 3,000 Cord 810-812s ever built and only 190 units of the model on offer. Obviously, survivors are now rare and much sought after.
According to the American club of the brand, the ACD, this car would have been delivered to California and stayed there for a long time. The finish of the Beverly exceeded the Westchester and was equipped with the famous V8 engine from Lycoming, a 4.7-litre unit, with a supercharger, mated to a semi-automatic four-speed gearbox, similar to a Cotal box. A complete frame-up restoration of very high quality was executed four years ago and the car was repainted in its original color, "Palm beach tan," one of the prettiest of the colors from the period. The upholstery was redone in its original color and material. The mechanicals and undercarriage have been completely redone too. The engine was bored out and fitted with new pistons, with the driveshaft ground and polished. The gearbox, brakes, suspension leafs, gear shafts and their cardans, radiator, reservoir and exhaust were all renovated. The instrument panel has also been overhauled and is placed on a beautiful dashboard in aluminum, enhanced by a beautifully white painted steering wheel.