1999 Citroen XM

V6 Exclusive


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French registration papers
Chassis No.: VF7Y4WH000000WH3143

- First hand
- Only 72,000 km
- The most advanced version of the XM

In 1989, the PSA group launched two top-of-the-range sedans. Peugeot the 605, and Citroën its XM. Both very different aesthetically, the XM offers a very avant-garde design as often, and we owe it to the Italian designer Bertone. Equipped with a remarkable set of technical refinements, the French sedan seems to be the worthy heir to the DS and CX. Available in several petrol or diesel engines, the flagship of the brand with herringbone engines will be equipped in its most luxurious version with an original PRV V6 with a capacity of 3.0l and 24 valves, to develop 200 horsepower, very flexible at low revs but offering dynamic acceleration beyond 2500 rpm, allowing the large sedan to reach 235 km/h in top speed. Thanks to its high performance and luxurious but never flashy equipment, the XM had clearly chosen its competitors....
The copy we offer you in these pages was first registered in 1998. This is the ultimate evolution of the XM in its Exclusive version, and equipped with the 194-horsepower 24-valve V6 engine, coupled with a 4-speed automatic gearbox. For the anecdote, the owners of the car had scheduled their vacation to start at the wheel of their CX Prestige, which breaks down when they take to the road. The repair is too important and expensive... that's when they decide to go to the dealership and buy this XM until then showroom car! A rare option at the time, the very beautiful leather and alcantara armchairs are heated at the back! Since then, our XM has only covered 72,000 kilometres certified by the many maintenance invoices. It is then in very good condition and represents a real invitation to travel.

This car will be sold by auction by AGUTTES Auction House, in La Ferté-Vidame, at the Citroën Centenary, France, on July the 21th, 2019.

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