• Year of manufacture 
  • Mileage 
    9 200 km / 5 717 mi
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  • Condition 
  • Metallic 
  • Interior colour 
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  • Location
  • Exterior colour 
  • Gearbox 
  • Performance 
    112 BHP / 114 PS / 84 kW
  • Drivetrain 
  • Fuel type 


Type of body: Hatchback (4 drs)
Transmission: 5 gears, Manual gearbox
Number of cylinders: 4
Engine capacity: 1.360 cc

Model produced for Group B homologation of Citröen in Rally Championship
Only 200 produced
Ex-Jean Claude Andruet (official Citröen driver for Monte Carlo 1985)
Only 9,200 KM (2 owners)
Rare and strictly original (never modified)

Produced by Heuliez in 200 exemplars in "client" or "series 200" road version in order to be approved for group B (this will be done on April 1, 1984). The Visa 1000 Pistes is the first French 4-wheel drive marketed for road and competition, before its cousin the Peugeot 205 T16 whose history will however be remembered much more significantly ... The Visa 1000 Pistes "200 series" is built based on Visa GT Tonic, itself closely derived from the Chrono aesthetically. The color offered is therefore still only white, adorned with blue and red decorative side stripes with the inscription "4-wheel drive" on the sides. The 1000 Pistes retains its fender flares, the front spoiler with anti-fog, the side sills, and the white grille of the GT Tonic. On it, however, the chevrons are replaced by the logo "chevrons X chevrons" and the tailgate spoiler is painted white. The monobloc headlights are also replaced by a very seventies double optic assembly. The white alloy wheels with 165/70 SR 13 tires are used in Chrono with a chrome hub cover. Inside, we find the same type of dashboard as the Chrono with a few differences, however: the bucket seats are abandoned here and give way to those of the Visa GT Tonic, black with a red border with a more common design. The Chrono's three-spoke sports steering wheel finds its place.

Under the hood, the 1000 Pistes is based on the mechanics of the Visa Chrono, the 1360 cm3 XYR engine which was already fitted to the Peugeot 104 ZS 2 and ZS 80 hp. The 1.4, powered by 2 double-barrel Weber type 40 DCOE carburetors, develops 112 HP at 6800 RPM and a maximum torque of 13.4 mKg at 4500 rpm. With a weight of only 850 kg despite the all-wheel drive, the 1000 Pistes is alert and displays interesting performance for the time! The 5-speed gearbox is complemented by a 20% locking mechanism on the rear axle. The front and rear axles are cast aluminum with 1/1 ratios.

The Visa 1000 Pistes is a rally car. Its driving is therefore lively and sporty! The clutch is very sensitive and requires great attention ... The vibrations of the engine, felt once you are on board are intense! Braking is entrusted to 4 solid unventilated discs whose endurance exceeds that of the Chrono's drums.  The 4-wheel independent suspension fitted with combined telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers and coil springs is also much more efficient than that of the Visa Chrono. The front axle is fitted with an anti-roll bar (diameter 23 mm) while the entire rear axle of the Visa is replaced by a specific train with specially drawn arms. The 150 x 340 light-alloy wheels are fitted with Michelin TRX 190 x 55 HR 340 tires. The all-wheel-drive system offers the possibility of disconnecting the rear wheels to switch back to front-wheel drive via a button located on the dashboard.

Our Visa 1000 Pistes (chassis VR9861) has a very interesting history since it had as its first owner, the famous racing driver Jean-Claude Andruet, whose history is retraced above.

Following his exploits at the Monte Carlo Rally, the management of Citröen had promised to offer its official driver a Visa 1000 Pistes. His contract as a driver ending, and not seeing the car arrive, Andruet reminded the factory of the promise made to his driver. The management, very annoyed since it had sold all its Visa 1000 Pistes, hastened to offer Andruet the last that they had left, that is to say, the management car, used by the executives during the 'events and business trips (she had traveled 8419 KMs).

The sale being made on August 28, 1987 of Citröen directly to J.C.A. Diffusion.

Andruet, who was very attached to the car, kept it in his factory (which made the first electric cars in the 80s and 90s) until 2012 when he sold it to a collector in the south of France.

Only 2 owners from new, odometer reads 9209 KM.

This Visa is strictly original, unmodified, never race prepared. Everything is as it was in 1984, engine-gearbox, interior, body numbers stamped on the body, promotional stickers on the body.

Always stored in a dry place and no modifications made.

A major maintenance was carried out in 2020 and the brakes overhauled.

The engine runs wonderfully.

The historic file is composed of:

- Original purchase invoice to Jean-Claude Andruet.
- Purchase invoice from Andruet to second owner (2012)
- French road registration
- French Technical Control from 2020
- FFVE certificate

We had the chance to acquire this cool Group B homologation car very recently and it is offered for the first time.