1924 Citroen Type C

5 HP Type C Trèfle


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- Authentic bodywork of the "clover" style
- Relatively complete
- A good base for a restoration project
- No reserve

This body style was so popular that its nickname became the generic name of the Citroën 5 HP. Yet the trèfle or "clover" style only appeared in 1924, three years after the launch of the small Citroën, and applicable for a very specific configuration: the three-seater roadster with seats arranged in a clover shape, hence the nickname given to this car. An iconic model, the body is the most sought after and it is precisely the one we are offering. The body is original and unaltered, and comes with its spare tire on a flat back, the car has its five wheels, its flat wings connected by a step, its engine, its seats, its windshield, its dashboard and its top frame. It seems fairly complete, except for the steering wheel rim. An old registration can be seen: 829 AV 79.
This car was designed by André Citroën to "democratize" the automobile, providing a more robust model than a cyclecar, but cheaper than the 10HP that he had launched some time earlier. It is a cornerstone of the ascent of this genius car manufacturer, and very desirable in this version of "trèfle".