1922 Citroen Type C


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    Convertible / Roadster
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French title
Chassis # 4351
Engine No. 5406 VA

- The Citroën that made the brand famous
- Correct presentation
- Attractive look
- No reserve

It was with the 5 HP that Citroën became famous. After the Type A and the B2, the manufacturer launched a car which met a real popular success as it responded to the needs of the public, while being sold at an affordable price. It combined ease of operation and maintenance with practical use, longevity and economy. In addition, it presented an attractive body. To top it off, the yellow tint with which the first models were painted earned the car the nickname "Little Lemon", which managed to convince even the most reluctants. It was designed by Edmond Moyet, the collaborator of Jules Salomon, who had himself developed the Type A.
This car had many body types but the two-seater tourer was the version that was first launched at the Paris Salon of 1921. As a part of a very balanced design, the model had a small trunk at the rear.
It is such a version that we have the pleasure of presenting here. This Type C's red paint is from an old restoration and thus has some cracks, but the overall presentation is very correct. The upholstery is in black leatherette and the soft top is in good condition, the counter displays 16,920 km. The chrome is in good condition too, as well as the tires and the rims, which are fully covered. The car is complete and an electric fan has been added to facilitate its use in modern traffic conditions. This is a faithful example of an original car and one of Citroën's most popular products ever, whose charming looks will never fail to attract the public attention.

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