1954 Citroen Traction Avant


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French title
Chassis # 724203
Engine No. PK07235

- A rare 15-Six family version
- In correct condition
- An exceptionally roomy car
- No reserve

The fact that this car was designed with a monocoque body did not prevent Citroen from offering several body styles since the year of its launch in 1934, in the best traditions of the previous models with a chassis. Thus, in addition to the faux cabriolet and the roadster, the sedan line-up was complemented by a limousine version on a six-window elongated wheelbase. Of this model there were two major variants, business and family. While the former has a rear door in two parts and a modular interior, the second provided the possibility of installing two or three folding seats, which could significantly increase the number of passengers being carried in the vehicle. When the folding seats are in a folded state, the rear passengers could stretch their legs and enjoy an exceptionally spacious interior. These desirable versions were only available in 11 HP or 15 HP, and the one on offer, is the latter.
This 15-Six Familiale has been completely restored and is in a correct condition, even if the paint appears to have some defects, as well as the panels. The fabric upholstery has also been restored and the car has two rear jump seats which can carry additional passengers. The 15-Six Familiale are not that common, and this one, with big bumpers characterizing the 15 HP from 1950, is therefore a great opportunity to acquire a model combining the power of the six-cylinder and the extremely spacious interior of a version with six windows.

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