1953 Citroen Traction Avant


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French title
Chassis # 245736
Engine No. AJ14726

- Beautifully restored example
- Numerous periode accessories
- In impeccable condition
- No reserve

With the Traction Avant, André Citroën took up a daring challenge because he brought together in a single car an exceptional set of revolutionary technological solutions for its time: front-wheel-drive, monocoque, a "floating" engine, four wheel independent suspension with twist bars, hydraulic brakes and a push-rod engine. In addition, the slender and sleek lines designed by Flaminio Bertoni relegated to the museum the "square cars" of its time. Thanks to these features and brilliant handling, the Traction Avant quickly showed itself capable of bettering much more powerful cars.
This particular car has been fully restored by Andre Trigano's team and the result is of very good quality, fully consistent with the original. The paint has a nice finish and the refurbished interior is flawless and corresponds to the original presentation. The mechanicals also received care from the team of Andre Trigano. This is a curved trunk version, one of the most advanced versions of the Traction Avant 11 CV, with the "Perfo" engine developed just before the war. In this version of 11 B, it benefits from a wider body, which ensures a particularly spacious and comfortable cabin, especially at the rear. Moreover, this example is equipped with many accessories, such as special enclosures around the indicators and the lights, special trunk hinges and a Robri cover on the licence plate light. So this is a particularly desirable example of this great French classic.

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