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French registration papers
Chassis No.: 121549

- Real family car
- Has made the Exodus
- Rare model with symmetrical doors

As early as 1934, there was the 7 Sport, powered by a 2-litre 11 hp engine that kept the small volume body of the 7s. With this engine it became possible to consider cars that were longer in length and width while maintaining the general lines of the 7s. This styling exercise could give birth to a 6-seater sedan, accompanied by a Cabriolet-roadster and a Faux-cabriolet on the same wheelbase. The matter did not stop there, as Citroën wanted to open up this range to long wheelbase Family and Limousine models, still in monohulls, which would initially cause some stiffness problems. These versions with stretched lines have three side windows and despite their very low line show unexpected reception capacities. The first model, the Limousine, is a 5 or 6-seater car with a spacious rear compartment, the second model is an 8 or 9-seater Family car equipped with folding seats between the two benches. Popular with large families, these cars will long be the preserve of taxis. On the first series there is a stylistic effect whereby the rear door is symmetrical to the front door. Families and limousines from before 1940 have become very rare.
The car presented here has a moving and unusual story. This one belongs to the same family since 1937. It was ordered new by Mr. Mahé, an industrialist with boilermaking plants based in Nanterre. The 11 limousine was his personal car that he loved. He used it regularly until the war broke out. The whole Mahé family then went to Exodus with the car. Photos are visible in the folder where we see the Limousine filled with luggage, escaping on the roads of free France. Always kept in the family, all the original documents accompany the car, including the order form and some papers dating from the occupation such as fuel rationing forms. This car has a very special history. It was restored in the 90s by a professional, who took over the bodywork and repainted it in its very elegant original black dress. During our test, the 11 performed very well, the engine is valiant and the gearbox works very well. The engine block was changed during the restoration to a more pleasant and flexible Perfo model. The saddlery is in very good condition and perfectly in line with its vintage. No anachronism disrupts our picture. It is important to specify this as changes are commonplace on a Traction. This is a unique opportunity to treat yourself to a small piece of French history.

This car will be sold by auction by AGUTTES Auction House, in La Ferté-Vidame, at the Citroën Centenary, France, on July the 21th, 2019.
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