1937 Citroen Traction Avant

Traction 11B Cabriolet RHD


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French registration

- Coming from the family of the engineer André Lefebvre
- Rare right hand drive
- Charm of a perfect patina
- No reserve

Born in 1894, André Lefebvre was the father of most of the important early Citroëns, such as Traction Avant, the Type H, the 2CV and the DS. A brilliant aeronautical engineer, he learned the essence of his art for 15 years with Gabriel Voisin, briefly passed through Renault, where the absurd hierarchy and bureaucracy did not suit him, before his career at Citroen began, lasting till 1958. An affable man, who loved pretty women, seductive and alluring, an Emeritus pilot of airplanes and automobiles, a gifted designer, he revolutionized the emerging world of the automobile industry thanks to his foresight and independence of thinking.

Purchased in 1990 at the auction of the convention center in Strasbourg, the car on sale comes from the collection of the son of André Lefebvre. Having benefited from an old restoration, this car from Switzerland was then presented in its current configuration. With the odometer showing 77,000 km at the time of purchase, the car has covered less than 3,000 km in 24 years, being used sparingly on the roads of the "côte d'azur". The meter displays just 79,900 km at present. Regularly maintained by the garage Rialland, in Clichy, from 1990 to 1998, the car has a beautiful patina enhanced by the Robri fender cover on the flank and the aluminum "Speed" bumper.

Although it's a RHD car, it was manufactured in Paris, by the Citroën factory as can be seen from the certificate of the manufacturer. It is powered by the last generation 11D engine from 1955, giving it more torque and power. All instrumentation, including the clock is in perfect condition. The interior is in dark red vinyl, and the comet-tail patterned inner door panels were remade identically. The hood liner's canvas is old but still usable. Some corrosion is visible under one front fender. Nevertheless, the rest of the floors and underbody is rust free. The car drives well, and this car, a pioneer of its time, perfectly embodies the mechanical genius of André Lefebvre.