1936 Citroen Traction Avant



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French registration papers
Current status: Switzerland – not registered

Body number: AK 18 86
Engine number: FF 01112
Gearbox: dated 21.07.1936

Exceptional restoration
Elegant colour in accordance with the year of production
The ultimate version of the first-generation cars

Introduced in April 1934, Citroën’s first Traction Avant was a ‘Small Car’ added to the range alongside the 8, 10 and 15 Rosalie models. It was a 7CV model of 1303cc capacity and with a bore and stroke of 72x80mm. It nonetheless felt underpowered and was therefore replaced by the 7B, a 9CV 78x80mm 1529cc model. In the meantime, an 11CV version had joined the range, powered by an engine with a bore and stroke of 78x100mm. Quite logically therefore, a third-generation 7, the 7C, appeared: its 9CV 1628cc engine was standardised with that of the 11 using a bore and stroke of 78x100mm.
This time, the 7C had reached its definitive form: its 36bhp engine provided good performance and it could easily exceed 100kph (62mph). Citroën presented it at the Paris Motor Show in October 1934, alongside the roadster and faux cabriolet versions. Although the very first 7Cs looked like the 7Bs, they could soon be distinguished from the earlier series by their all-steel roofs and their horns mounted behind small grilles let into the front wings (replacing the external horns bolted to the bumper). Better built and with a reinforced bodyshell, the 7C was fitted with a second-generation ‘floating-power’ engine – which was more pleasant to drive, as it ‘floated’ considerably less – together with Glaenzer-Spicer universal joints and Spicer hydraulic shock absorbers. Fortunately for its users, a year later – at the Paris Motor Show in October 1935 – Citroën presented the 7 (and 11) equipped with a tail panel with an opening boot lid. Rack-and-pinion steering was added to the list of new features in spring 1936; by now an excellent and well-rounded car, the 7C became hugely popular and remained in production until 1940.
The car which we are offering for sale is one of the models from the first half of 1936 which were still fitted with two ventilation flaps on the bulkhead. Remarkably finished in an elegant shade of Bordeaux with black wings, in accordance with the range of colours offered that year, it has just emerged from a complete restoration in Switzerland, carried out from 2016 – 2018. The car can be described as absolutely new, it has only been driven 20 miles (30km) since then. The Carrosserie du Crêt in Villeneuve was responsible for the bodywork, the engine was overhauled by Roland Dupasquier Moteur Service and the gearbox by Aloïs Peter, with further mechanical fettling by Jean-David Favez. Work on the upholstery was entrusted to the Sellerie André in Geispolsheim and on the electrical system to Rosser GmbH. The car comes from France, its current owner having acquired it from the dealer Ch. Houzet in 2009.
A personal favourite of our team, this car is elegant, refined and in truly unique condition! The amount spent on it will make you giddy, but the results are spectacular.

This car will be sold during an auction sale organized by AGUTTES Auction House.
It will take place in Paris, at the Espace Champerret, France, on March the 17th, 2019.
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