1980 Citroen SM


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− Refurbrished body and mechanics
− Fully restored interior

Estimated value: 65 000–85 000 złoty
The car was propelled by a 3-litre, six-cylinder engine developing 182 BHP, which sent its power to the front wheels. The SM was unveiled at the Geneva motor show in 1970. Citroen developed this car together with Maserati, which was then owned by the French company. Among other things, Maserati supplied engines for the SM. Styling of the Citroen SM was way ahead of its time. Its distinctive body shape helped it achieve an exceptionally low drag coeffi-cient of Cx=0,339. On top of that, the car offers an unusual combination of sure-footed han-dling and incredible ride comfort, which is of course owed to the trademark Citroen hydro-pneumatic suspension. SM went out of production in 1975. Its death was partially caused by the oil crisis, which began at the end of 1973.

Citroen SM offered by the vintage and classic car auction company Ardor Auctions is a car which catches the eye with its extraordinary, futuristic body shape. Sold originally in Canada as a US-spec version, it was shipped over to Poland a couple of years ago as a project car. Its current owner has had several restoration tasks done. The body has been refreshed and now looks really attractive. The interior of the car has been thoroughly refurbished, while the front and rear seats together with roof lining have been given brand new upholstery. The Ci-troen is mechanically sound. Its core mechanical and electrical components have been revi-sed, including the key elements of the hydro-pneumatic system. Current owner has also had filters and essential fluids changed. Citroen SM is an attractive proposition for those who are fascinated with the futuristic 1970’s design. This particular example has all the documents necessary to register it in the Poland.