1975 Citroen SM



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  • Chassis number 
    Numéro 00 SC 4007
  • Drive 
  • Condition 
    Original Condition
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- One of the very last SM made, only 114 built in 1975
- Full history with original invoices and original voucher from January 1975
- Recent service

The Citroën SM alone represents the dream of a time when automotive elegance rhymed with high performance. Let's not forget that in the early 1970s, speed limits do not exist on the French road network. The SM was born at a time when speed was a selling point and gasoline was still cheap. Unveiled at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show, this "Super Car" in the French style is a success whose line is signed by Robert Opron. She is ahead of her time in both technology and futuristic style.
Citroën bought Maserati in 1968 and that is why we find under the hood an impressive double-cam 2670cc V6. A true technological showcase of what Citroën knows best at the time, we find the revolutionary direction DIRAVI, assisted brakes, hydropneumatics suspension, rotating headlights... etc.
Over five years of production, only 12,920 copies will be sold. As we know, the SM will be very expensive for the brand and will not sell very easily, victim of a high selling price and a demanding maintenance. In 1974 the Quai de Javel brand will entrust the assembly of certain SM to the Ligier workshops. The sales are unfortunately in free fall and Citroën decides not to clutter the chains of his factory while the launched of the first CXs are fast approaching.

The car presented here is a real rarity because it is one of the last SM produced and assembled at Ligier. According to the archives of the brand only 114 copies will be released in 1975. This was commissioned on 28/01/1975. All invoices are present and even the voucher! At a price of 66,410 Francs, this SM is sold by the Citroën Champ de Mars concession to a resident of the island of Madagascar who exports the car a few weeks later. She will live part of her life under exotic skies, led by a doctor probably passionate about the unconventionality of his vehicle in such a place.
She will return under our latitudes in the 90s and will only know passionate owners and registered at the SM Club de France. That's when his original white dress (AC 088) is replaced by a metallic grey. This beautiful example is in a good working condition, a beautiful leather interior with an incomparable patina, revised mechanics and a normal French registration and a technical check of less than 6 months.

Our SM is an excellent opportunity to acquire a real French GT, with its complete history, which is rare and is one of the last manufactured in the world.