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Formerly owned by SM designer Robert Opron
1974 Citroën SM I.E. 2.7-Litre Coupé
Chassis no. 00SC3494

Combining Citröen's advanced chassis technology and Maserati's unrivalled engine know-how, the SM (Série Maserati) featured DS-style hydro-pneumatic self-levelling suspension; power-assisted all-round disc brakes; self-centring steering; and steered headlamps. Maserati was responsible for the 90-degree V6 engine, and after some juggling of bore/stroke dimensions, a capacity of 2,670cc was settled on for a power output of 170bhp.

The man responsible for styling the SM was Frenchman Robert Opron, who had managed to persuade the Citroën management that it would be a good idea to have a prestige Gran Turismo at the top of the range. His portfolio while at Citroën would include overseeing the GS and CX ranges, as well as face-lifting the immortal DS. Citröen was the world leader in passenger car aerodynamics at this time, the SM's class-leading drag coefficient enabling it to reach 225km/h, making it the fastest front-wheel-drive car ever at that time. Fuel injection arrived in 1972, nevertheless the model was prematurely (some would say criminally) axed in 1975 following Citröen's acquisition by Peugeot and the looming fuel crisis. Fondly remembered, these technically advanced and functionally beautiful cars remain highly sought after today after half a century.

This particular Citroën SM is of some historical significance as it was previously owned by none other than Robert Opron, the driving force behind the model's creation. Robert cherished and enjoyed his SM, covering some 74,000 kilometres, until March 2006 when he sold it to a member of the Peugeot family. Its new owner, Mr. Jean Peugeot, through his company 'Set Up Racing', kept the SM for only a year before offering it for sale. It was sold to a collector, who owned the car for seven years, adding fewer than 18,000 kilometres to the 76,230 covered by 2007.

In 2014 the SM was sold to a respected collector of the marque, who commissioned Citroën specialist Guy Stoeckel in Alsace to carry out a thorough restoration, incorporating updates to the electrical and hydraulic systems, the infamous distribution chain modification for greater reliability, a full respray and more detailed work which was completed in 2017, making this a very superior example of the model. Related invoices are available and the car also comes with a history file containing ownership records, Belgian registration papers, Contrôle Technique, and other paperwork including a signed copy of the reference book tracing Opron's designer career. Now presented in beautiful condition, this historic Citroën SM represents a wonderful and possibly unique opportunity to acquire one of these 20th Century motoring icons previously owned by the man responsible for its creation.

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